Common Mini-Split Issues and Ways to Fix Them


When you experience a comfort problem in your home in terms of temperature, you may think of getting a mini-split system in your home. This air conditioning system is a great way to solve comfort problems in your home. It doesn’t require ductwork to offer energy-efficient heating and cooling. After all, like any other home comfort system, a mini-split can also have problems. Here we have included some common problems of a mini-split and how to solve them. 

Is your mini-split is dripping water or not draining water?

If your mini-split system is dropping water or unable to drain water, there may be a problem with the condensate drain or drain line. After all, it is common for a drain line to be blocked with mold forcing water to back up and leak. In that case, you should call an air conditioner maintenance service in Houston and ask them to fix this issue. You should not try to handle the problem yourself. 

Mini-split is producing noise.

You should know that mini-split systems usually don’t make much noise when used. But they can make more sounds in the following situations.

  • Popping or clicking: You can hear this sound when the plastic housing expands or contracts when using the system. 
  • Swooshing, crackling or gurgling: Your split system can create such sounds if it turns on defrost to keep itself from freezing over. 

Further, you should be aware of these sounds but not worried as they are common. If your mini-split works by turning on defrost mode, it is a sign that something is off, like a low refrigerant, a bad circuit board, or a malfunctioning sensor. You should call an AC installation technician in Houston and tell them to fix the problem. 

Is your mini-split not heating or blowing hot air?

If the frozen coils in your mini-split are problematic, you can see such issues. As we have already mentioned, frozen coils can cause many problems due to bad circuits or broken sensors. In that case, you should call a commercial air conditioning installation company in Houston or a residential professional. A certified professional ensures your mini-split is in good condition and suggests required solutions to detected problems. 

Is your mini-split not cooling or blowing cold air?

Your mini-split can have this problem because of a refrigerant leak. The system requires refrigerant to move heat and keep your home cold. You need to call an air conditioner maintenance service in Houston to fix these leaks. An HVAC professional works with useful tools to identify the potential issues and fix them with the best solutions. It is good not to try to fix AC leaks yourself. 

Is your mini-split not dehumidifying?

A mini-split system works best at dehumidifying during the summer as an air conditioning system. But you need to know that the process may be halted by mold in the condensate drain line. If we talk about the other reason why your mini-split is not dehumidifying is it is too large. If a system is too large, it has the ability to cool down the home very quickly without requiring time to dehumidify it. After all, mini-split size is generally measured on square footage and BTUs. An AC installation technician in Houston will guide you with the right size. 

Is your mini-split producing smells?

If you get some bad smells with your ductless mini-split, you should understand that the system is trying to grab your attention on something wrong. Below we have included some familiar smells you can experience with your mini-split. 

  • Musty, sour, or mildew: If you feel a musty smell in your mini-split along with sour and mildew smell, you should understand that it may be a mold issue. Call a commercial air conditioning installation company in Houston and ask them to eliminate such smells. 
  • Vinegar: You can experience a vinegar-like smell in your mini-split. You can also feel a sweet odor. In that case, there may be a refrigerant leak. So, hire an air conditioner maintenance service in Houston to fix the problem. 

In addition to it, you can feel a fish-like smell in your mini-split. In all such cases, an HVAC professional will guide to with the best solutions. They can also help you with a new installation. That’s all. 

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