Cool Facts about Custom Packaging that will Help You to Grow Your Cannabis Industry

Cool Facts about Custom Packaging that will Help You to Grow Your Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis industry grows and becomes more mainstream, branding is becoming increasingly important. One of the best ways to brand your product is through creative packaging.

With so many different types of pre-roll packages to choose from, it can be hard to decide on a shape, size, or design that will make customers want your product over someone else’s. We’ve rounded up four tips to help you design custom Pre Roll Boxes packaging that will help set you apart from other businesses in your industry. 

1. Custom pre-roll packaging is the new normal

Custom packaging is popular with content creators, but it has now gone mainstream with pre-roll advertising. With pre-roll advertising, there is money to be made in the form of impressions.

The more impressions you can get, the more likely you are to get paid. One way to get more impressions is to have custom packaging that stands out from the crowd. We previously mentioned that you want your packaging to stand out from your competitors’ products for potential impressions.

One of the best ways to do this is by creating an eye-catching design. There are many different packaging options out there, but the general rule of thumb is that black and white are preferred colors. Since pre-roll content is black and white, a black background and white text on a white background fit the bill for creating eye-catching designs. To add to the uniqueness, you can also use graphics to give your package a visual identity.

If you decide to upload your logo and brand colors to your website, your design will look much better than creating your design. You can cover a lot of ground with pre-roll advertising. You can take your logo, brand colors, or even your products and style them in pre-roll content with image advertising.

There are also pre-roll sidebars where you can display ads. Advertising is a great way to build brand awareness. It can effectively drive awareness because most people don’t have time to read and comprehend a huge infographic.

However, in an image or video advertisement, it’s a great opportunity to drive ARR (accurate recall value) since the length of time people have been exposed to the advertisement determines their perceived value. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend per impression, you can choose from three pricing models. 

2. Design your pre-roll package to make your brand stand out

The pre-roll package is the first thing viewers will see when they click on a video. It’s important to make sure that the pre-roll package complements the video content.

For example, if you’re a beauty brand, you could show the brand’s products in the pre-roll package. You could show influencer shots in the pre-roll package to attract customers’ attention if you’re an Instagram influencer.

The customization of pre-roll packaging lets you show your customers something special. There are tons of different types of pre-roll packages. Some companies only offer different shapes of cartridges. Others have developed unique shape packs, like the Earth Pack. Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular pre-roll packages that you can also use as a base for your custom design.

A creative logo is the first step in any branding process. If you’re looking for a logo that makes your product stand out, make sure you find an artistic image that fits the mood of your business. A good logo can be used for every part of your website, including social media graphics, store locations, email signatures, and more.

Branding video content can be any one of five different types depending on the type of content you’re creating: documentary, cooking, finance, travel, or product reviews. You can choose the style, placement, resolution, and connection with the brand’s values in your pre-roll video content.

Your logo, text, colors, and images help create a solid foundation for your branding video content. Make sure you match the branding of the brand’s products or services in your branding video content. You can also choose to have a visual component of your video, like music.

You can use edge cases in your branding video content to make it unique. For example, if you’re planning on filming a product review, consider having one of your videos feature a different customer who purchased the product. You’ll get a unique perspective and offer your customers a unique perspective that they may not get from a traditional video.

3. Keep your design simple to attract more customers

Simple design is the best design. If you want to make your product or service easily accessible to your customers, you’re going to have to make it simple and easy for them to use. You want to keep your message and design simple so your customers can find what they’re looking for quickly.

It’s as easy as divining what type of design you need, but remember, not every design needs to be a colorful rainbow unicorn. Today, simple, clean designs are considered a best practice by the experts because they send an immediate message of ease and ease of use. Consider this brief 15-second snapshot as an indication of what type of design you should supply your customers with.

Though you can trial-run designs that you think might work before you go full-blown, the fact is that it’s never 100 percent healthy to rush out and design the entire packaging by yourself. If you’ve got guidelines from experts, those guidelines are more than likely already approved by your brand’s worldwide distributor in place of you.

Design something that’s universal — your hope is that this universal design can serve as the foundation for imitations of your product. Try to eliminate complexity with your packaging while at the same time adding clarity by breaking things down into color-coded sections. This is how the experts have found that simple, standardized designs work best. Consider aligning your product with an industry palette such as salad dressings or fizzy drinks.

Consider a shape that’s universal and resonates with your customers the most — for example — a dome with a curved top. While shapes are great for identifying a particular type of product, a combination of colors helps define your brand identity. Consider choosing two complimentary colors for one shape and applying a gradient of those colors to your own packaging.

If this works for your colors, consider applying the colors to your own brand-specific packaging and use a little gradient on the seams to further highlight your colors.

4. Use the right pre-roll packaging for what you’re selling

Pre-roll packaging is a small pouch that holds your rolling papers or pre-rolled joints. The purpose of pre-roll packaging is to keep your rolling paper from getting damaged while you’re carrying it around. There are many places from where you can find custom pre-roll packaging. Just go and search for the best online printing service, you will get the best services online that will provide you best-in-class services at wholesale rate.

If you’re a cigarette smoker, then you probably know that cigarette packs have built-in pre-roll packaging. For cannabis companies, this could mean that you’ll have your pre-roll packets in some THC-infused oil, wax or shatter bottles, or even vape cartridges.

Customers will often go to a store, browse a few products, decide that their preferred product isn’t right, and head back out again. If your products don’t have pre-roll packaging, they’re losing the utility of their purchase and might end up buying something else that they like just as well.

Designing custom pre-roll packaging for individuals varies greatly by industry. For example, hot sauce is going to have hot sauce in it, and so are neck creams, lotions, supplements, and more. As a staunch Walmart shopper, myself, I’m always confused by the store’s different types of packaging.

It doesn’t help that a hot sauce packet tempts me straight out of the can because it’s something I genuinely wanted to buy anyway. Other businesses have different branding directions altogether. For example, to get you thinking about your own cold remedy, consider giving your customers a small jar that has a clear cap with a cute ski-mask-looking picture to let them know what they’re in for.

You might be an e-commerce store, but the regulations around COVID-19 are forcing small retail businesses to adapt their way of doing business. While a cannabis brand will almost certainly use aesthetically pleasing packing for their all-natural products, if they’re trying to shift their brand to a recreational market, they’re going to need to be more creative with their packaging.

Will it look like a weed leaf? A gummy bear? A flower pot? They’re just as unique and approachable as their cannabis products, which makes customizing packaging a straightforward task.


Custom packing boxes are becoming a need for the cannabis business. The legalization of marijuana has allowed it even more possible than it has ever been to get into this industry, but there are numerous obstacles that come along with joining such a unique market. For more cannabis products visit Homegrown Cannabis Co.

You can make sure your product appears finest and is distinguished from others available on the shelf by utilizing unique box Emballages.

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