Types of Cracks Addressed by Windshield Repair Tulsa Technicians

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Now matter how strong your car looks and how big it is, the glass on the windshield and windows must still be treated as fragile. An accident or even a rock hitting the windshield while the car is moving with speed can crack the windshield. Ignoring a crack is never a good idea. As the car continues to move, the stress of moving on the roads and jumping over potholes could worsen the situation. What starts out as a small crack may spread across the entire windshield. The glass could ultimately crack so badly that you can’t see through the glass. This is is dangerous situation for the people in the car as well as those on the road. Thus in such cases you must take your car to the windshield repair Tulsa team as soon as possible. So, what are the various types of cracks to look out for?

Bull’s Eye Crack

This is one of the most common types of damage that could occur on a car’s windshield. It may be triggered by something as innocuous as a pebble bouncing off the road and hitting the windshield. The damage typically takes the shape of a circular chip. Part of the glass may or may not fall out.

Star Crack
This type of crack is also known as a Ding Crack. As the name implies, this type of a crack has a uneven star shaped central dent and angular projections from the center. It looks like a star. Star cracks may result from a sharp object hitting the windshield. If not addressed by windshield repair Tulsa technicians, such cracks can escalate quickly.

Combination Break
A combination break can be simply described as a bull’s eye rack with the projections of a star crack. However, the projections are usually not as sharp and angular. They may In fact they may have rounded edges. Combination breaks may be the result of impact with a sharp object.

Edge Crack
Edge cracks are cracks that appear around the edge from within 2″ of the windshield lining. If such cracks aren’t addressed quickly they can spread across the entire windshield. These are very common cracks and can be as long at 10-12 inches.

Floater Crack
Floater cracks are similar to edge cracks except that they can start anywhere in the windshield. Floater cracks may have a bull’s eye type chip along the crack.

Half Moon Crack
A Half moon crack is a variation of the bull’s eye crack. In such cases, when an object strikes the windshield the chip isn’t a circular one but a semi circular chip. Half Moon chips and cracks can affect your vision and increase the risk of accidents.

Stress Crack
Cracks and damage to the windshield isn’t always caused by impact with an object. Windshield glass is created by laminating a thin sheet of plastic with glass on either side. When the car is left parked under the direct sun for an extended period of time, one section of the glass may heat up while the other doesn’t heat up as much. Alternatively, think of situations where the car windshield has been buried under snow and you pour hot water over the glass to melt the ice. Such situations could result in what is called a stress crack.
Stress cracks can’t always be felt with your hand. This is an internal crack that can be quite challenging to diagnose.

Dealing with windshield cracks, to repair or replace?
When it comes to dealing with a crack on the windshield, the biggest decision is choosing between whether to get the crack repaired or to replace the windshield. Ofcourse the cost of replacing a windshield is much more than getting it repaired. But, pricing should not be the only factor to be considered. A skilled technicians will take into account several factors such as size, location and depth of the crack before advising a repair or replacement. Small chips can be repaired quite easily but large chips and cracks are harder to fix. Given that small cracks can grow with time, you should always address these issues as soon as possible.

The bottom line is that any issue with the windshield no matter how small and minor it appears, must be addressed as soon as possible. Don’t try and repair the windshield on your own. There are a number of DIY kits available today but you may be the best judge of whether its better to repair or replace the glass. In the long run, your money savings attempts may turn out to be much more expensive than what it would have cost you to consult the windshield repair Tulsa technicians. With the assurance of quality materials being used to repair the glass and high quality service by experienced technicians, you’re assured of leaving your car in safe hands.

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