Crest 3D White VS Domestic Teeth Whitening Hacks


In this forever-evolving world, the cosmetic sector is not left behind. A walk down that dental care section of a mall will leave you in awe and add to your astonishment. The racks are filled with teeth whitening kits, tubes of toothpaste, active charcoal brushes, and so much more. And you will be surprised to learn that the trend of white teeth is not a recent one.

It was over 4000 years old when the Egyptians created the first teeth whitening toothpaste. Funny, right? Having white teeth was considered as being blessed by the Gods to attract more wealth and prosperity, and it was and still is a sign of natural beauty. Now, one can easily achieve this with Crest 3D White dental kits.

In today’s world, where cosmetic procedures are in high demand, so are teeth whitening treatments. Most of them can be very heavy on your pockets, costing a huge part of your savings. The same is the case with teeth whitening treatments. Who wouldn’t love to have their teeth all shiny and white? But the expensive procedures stop many from availing them. Not anymore. Now, you can get white teeth at cost-effective rates by using Crest 3D White kits.

Domestic Hacks for White Teeth

To save that last penny, people have invented many traditional techniques that are effective to some extent but not suitable for everyone in the long run. Listed below are some infamous traditional teeth whitening methods everyone needs to know, if you know about Crest 3D White dental kits, so you can compare the best one out for yourself.

  • Apple-cider vinegar 

The bleaching components present in apple cider vinegar can help you get rid of your yellow teeth. You can use it by diluting some of it with water and use it as a mouthwash. If not diluted, it will harm the enamel. Apart from teeth whitening, apple cider is for almost all skin and hair-related problems. 

  • Use baking soda and Hydrogen peroxide

Baking soda can be called the plague remover, while hydrogen peroxide does the work of a bleaching agent. It also acts as an anti-bacterial. You can make a paste of a little baking soda with two times more hydrogen peroxide and use it along with your toothpaste while brushing. Do it for a couple of weeks, and as long usage can be harmful.

  • Practice oil pulling

It is an age-old method that takes care of your teeth and keeps them white. Coconut oil is mostly used here, where a small amount is swished for 10 minutes or more to treat that plague and other teeth-related ailments. 

Why Choose Crest 3D White over the Household Teeth Whitening Remedies?

Although these methods can be practices to achieve white teeth, they can be time-taking. Although they will keep your overall dental health in check, they don’t guarantee getting white teeth. It might work for some, while it might not work for others. It is not the case with Crest 3D Whitedental care range. 

By using Crest 3D Whiteyou will not just make your pearls shine brighter but will contribute to your overall dental health as the entire range does not just provide teeth whitening treatments. The line includes other products like the Crest 3D whitening toothpaste, Crest 3D white for sensitive teeth, and so much more. All at minimum affordable rates. Getting Hollywood ready white teeth had never been this easy.

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