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Custom candle boxes – Day after day as candles become trendy, you might be wondering why yours aren’t being sold as much still? And have you been battling with the thought of getting made custom candle boxes for your small candle business and are not sure if you should go ahead with the idea or not? You will be not conflicted anymore after reading this! With the expenses going up day by day, you must be wondering if it will be worth it to spend money on custom candle boxes? Yes, it is! Remember that once you create these new packaging boxes, your brand will have a new and fresh turn. And since 50 per cent of the sales of a product depending on how it is packaged and showcased, you might have more of a chance to sell to your customers. Don’t let this chance get out of hand!

What is the Hype about Candles?

Long gone is the time when candles were used for the sole purpose of providing light. Nowadays, we have electricity at all times. And if not that, we have emergency electrical lights and other alternatives that allow us to not sit in dark. So candles are being made and used as merely some decoration piece and rightfully so. Candles are no longer being made with simple white wax morphed into thin long shapes. They are sold in glass jars and many other new ways. Not only that they are also coming out in different colours and scents so people can buy their favourites accordingly in Daily Magzines. People all across the world, especially young girls are having a good time collecting all their favourite different scents of candles and putting them on their bookshelves, study tables, and other areas for decoration. It looks extremely cute and at this point, everyone wants one in their house or their rooms!

How will Custom Candle boxes Increase the Sales of your Candles?

When candles are sold in shops, they are not put out bare on the shelves for people to look at. They are packed in boxes that protect these candles and their scents from the open. Custom boxes wholesale give you an idea of what these candles might look like, what to expect, what they are made of, and what scent these candles have. All of this information is out in the open for you to read. And once you read it and decide that you may like this candle, you are then allowed to buy it. In many places, you can not touch the open product or try it out before buying it. So the boxes are what will give you an idea of what to expect and whether what you are about to spend your money on is worth it. If you get custom candle boxes made, you will be able to give your audience an easy chance to notice your product. You can communicate with your customers with the help of your packaging boxes and let them know what you have to offer and what they should expect from you.

Ways to Make your Custom Candle Boxes Look Exuberant!

In case you decide to create custom candle boxes, here are some ideas to brighten up your customized boxes!

  • Choose the same colour for your boxes as the colour of the candle or the scent that your candle has. It will show your customers some effort from your side, not to mention, look extremely cute. You know you would spend your money on that, won’t you? And that is what selling is about: creating something you wouldn’t regret spending on!
  • A lot of doodling and a lot of illustrations or art of the thing that is giving your candle its scent will be a good idea too. For example, if your candle is pumpkin scented, you could do a fall theme and ass leave drawings and pumpkin drawings on there to make it look more interesting.
  • Does your scented candle have a mixed scent with more than one thing combined? Make sure your customers know about it! You can mention the things the scents that have been combined to give your candle the new smell it has.
  • You can try giving out a free candle along with one so your customers can also get a chance to try out some other scent and if they like it, they might buy more from you!
  • You can create candle boxes that are wrapped like gifts because many people prefer gifting these candles to their loved ones rather than buying them for themselves!
  • You can try out different shapes and sizes of boxes all according to the shape and size of your candles. It will make your customers see that you have been putting effort into your product to make it look more interesting.

These are a few things you can do to create cute customized candle boxes. If you still haven’t made up your mind, you should prefer getting new boxes created for your business. If your business is not getting enough customers, you already have nothing to lose and might as well get along to having fun while creating these cute boxes so that you can give your customers something they want and would enjoy buying. Good luck!


Gone are the days when you have to problems selling candles without any damage. Now with our creative and top quality candle boxes are here for your saviour. With a range of sample designs along with captivating printing ideas, your candle boxes can be made fantastic. You can get the idea for different colour schemes and printing on the boxes or get plain white or brown boxes.

We give you all the control to select the material type and other add-ons that will decorate your box completely. You can also let us know about your design considerations and we will provide the best possible services at affordable prices. Printing on the boxes is done by special printers so you would not have to worry anymore. Furthermore, our samples are always for you to check and buy your favourite boxes you need.

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