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Whether you are looking for a high-quality custom made smoker grills Illinois or a professional competition, this article is for you. These grills and smokers are available in various sizes and mounted on wheels for easy transport. Read through this article to know more about custom grills and smokers Illinois and how to select the best quality for your use. We also include where to find the best custom BBQ grills and smokers in Illinois.

What Are Smokers and Grills?

Smokers and grills cooking apparatus used for making barbecue. It is used in cooking meals in a controlled environment at low temperatures and in a smoky environment. Smokers and grills are of various types, from custom-made smokers and grills and outdoor ceramic ovens to small-sized smokers and grills that can be used for camping.

Categories of Smokers

Custom made smoker grills Illinois are categorized into two; indirect heat and direct heat.

Direct Heat Grills and smokers;

Direct heat grills and smokers involve the use of direct flame of hot coals or above a flame. The food is placed on the grate directly above the heat source. The cooking process is fast and only requires the user to adjust the grill temperature and flip the meat to prevent it from burning.

Indirect Heat Grills and smokers;

This involves placing the meat on the grill so that it isn’t directly above the heat source. In this method, heat comes from one side of the grill while the meat is cooking on another. This method involves smoking and usually takes extra time as the grills and smokers use a mixture of wood chips or another heat source such as logs.

Both methods are perfect and none better, as usage depends on the users choice and provides for temperature control which is an essential for BBQ. Across these two broad categorization are sub-divisions of grills and smokers. This is based on the source of heat used by the grills and smokers;

  1. Stick Burners; this type of grill and smokers rely on wood as their only source of heat. This requires much attention to ensure your food is properly cooked and temperature controlled.

  2. Charcoal Smokers; this uses charcoals as the source of fuel. The temperature is adjusted using the built-in dampers for airflow control. Charcoal smokers do not produce a clean smoke as the wood smolders as against combusting when using wood chips.

  3. Gas Grills; this is used to provide consistent cooking temperatures without producing smoke. The addition of wood chips or chunks helps to add flavor to your cooking.

  4. Electric Smokers; this type of smoker and grill gives a unique flavor due to the lack of combustion. It uses a combination of electrical heating with wood chips to produce heat.

  5. Kettle Grills; this is the most common type of grill. It can be used for indirect heating by shifting the coal to one side. The charcoal can be mixed with wood chips to add more flavor to the food. In order to control the temperature of your cooking, set up a thermometer besides your meat on the grill.

Custom Grills and Smokers in Illinois for all Sizes

While there are many regular types of Custom Grills and Smokers in Illinois on offer, you can have a custom-made unit designed for you. Custom-made designs can feature multiple doors, multi-layer, insulated firebox, custom wheels and tires, built-in sinks, paints, and signage. Other features include a top-mounted hot plate and casters, storage cabinet, and fish fryer.

Where to get Custom Grills and Smokers in Illinois

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