Dent Repair Myths and a Correct Way to Remove It


Dents and dings are the most critical problems for any car owner. You may use your car safely, but a little carelessness can bring a dent in your car. You may accidentally hit the door to an object in the parking area and repent later. However, there is nothing to scream about if you have the correct method to remove a dent.

Many myths are present on the internet in the name of the correct method. DIY can work for various life-related problems but only prefer experts for dent repair. Some DIY tips can wreak havoc on your car, thus adding up to the cost. It is better to avoid myths associated with dent repair and approach a high-quality paintless dent repair expert in Nassau. Keep your car safe from the below-mentioned myths-

  1. Using dry ice

The myth is dry ice can remove the dent from your car effectively. First of all, dry ice is critical to handle as it can burn your hands. This method may not sound safe. Coming to the dent removal technique, many claim that dry ice can pop out the dent and bring your car back to its original condition. However, you may not realize the harm dry ice can cause later. You may try this method once or twice but not every time. Exposure to dry ice can affect the paint and body of your car. A better approach is to find an expert who can examine the situation and provide effective repairing methods.

  • Plunger

The plunger is readily available in every home, and the myth associated with it is that the air pressure through the plunger can reshape the dent. Some people find this method affordable instead of going to a repair shop. However, a plunger is not an appropriate device to remove a dent. The air pressure can make the dent deeper. It can also impact the paint of the body if not handled properly. Instead, choose a glue repair method that only experts can perform.

  • Boiling water

If you have researched dent removal methods, you can find the famous method of removing dents with boiling water. This method may not be effective and can fire you back. There is a high risk that you will end up burning your fingers. If you fail to handle this method, it will increase the repair cost. Another complexity associated with this task is removing bumpers. Try this method if you are ready to deal with nuts, bolts, and other components. Else, choose a professional.

  • Hair Dryer

One of the well-known methods for dent removal is a hairdryer. You just need to remove the dented part from the car if you can and blow the hot air on it. You may have to keep the heat at a maximum to remove the dent efficiently. With high temperatures, there is a risk of paint removal. This method may work for tiny dents but not for visible dents. The dented area may get worse on exposure to excess heat. If you don’t know the temperature limit, avoid this method. Using a hair drier for removing dents could be hazardous as overheating may produce a spark. A hair drier may not produce enough heat to remove the dent; it is better to find a car dent repair mobile service in Nassau.

  • Compressed air

This method juxtaposes the hair drier method as compressed air removes the dent. Sometimes, this method is combined with the hair drier method for removing dents effectively. However, unawareness can let things go wrong, and the dent can pop in more instead of popping out. This method is also a myth, and experts can handle the situation better.

Another myth associated with dent repair is that it is expensive. You may find it costly if you go for the traditional dent repair method. The paintless dent repair method can save you a lot. Mobile car paintless dent repair experts in Nassau effectively remove the dents, thus saving you from harmful DIY methods. Relying on professionals is always a wise choice for removing dents, especially from challenging areas of the car.

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