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Create your own statement with Dickies medical, scrubs, and dress comfortably to get work done. Pulse Uniform brings the best collection of men’s, women’s, and unisex scrubs, lab coats, and many more at the lowest prices available. Whether you are searching for quality and affordable health care professional uniforms, or are just in need of basic professional medical attire for a large number of patients, this discount medical supply company is your one-stop provider.

Dickies medical scrubs made with same high-quality materials:

Dickies medical scrubs are made with the same high-quality materials used in manufacturing Dickies athletic shoes, workwear, and parka pants. Available in a number of colors and prints, these scrubs look and feel great. The uniform design is both flattering and functional. Most of the pants and lab coat designs are stretchy with an adjustable waist and cuffs. The fabric used in making the uniform is stain-resistant and long-lasting.

Many of the fabrics used in Dickies medical uniforms are specially treated for stains so you won’t have to worry about them when putting them on after a few days. The high-quality lab coat and scrub uniform come with a front zip pocket and back pocket with Velcro tabs for easy attachment to pants or jackets. The uniform is fastened at the top with an elastic band. The uniform has washable liners that can be washed in a machine and dryer.

Most Dickies medical scrub fitted skirts for professional look:

Most of the Dickies medical scrubs come in fitted skirts for a professional look. The skirt is either knee-length or mid-length with snap closing. Some of the uniforms have buttoned flies with Velcro snaps in the front. Cotton scrubs, polyester scrubs, and wool scrubs are available in Dickies line of uniforms.

Cotton scrubs in Dickies Medical:

polyester in Dickies Medical and wool in Dickies Medical Scrubs are made up of fine quality fabrics which give the wearer a comfortable feel. The fabric acts as a natural insulator, which keeps the wearer cool during hot summer days. Woolen scrub top and matching briefs and pants have a breathable nylon fabric and are ideal for nursing mothers, but the pants may feel stiff during the cold winter days. For a professional look, one should opt for Dickies Medical and Professional blend.

For a professional look:

one should choose a scrub top that matches the pants. For instance, a nurse should select a scrub top that is darker than the pants, or a nurse who is shorter and wears a white uniform would wear scrubs in white. This would enhance his or her look. A nurse who is tall and wears an all-white scrub top would probably look funny and out of place in a professional setting unless the hospital he or she works at has a dress code.

Dickies Medical scrub pants and scrub:

Every Dickies Medical scrub pants and scrub top has a zippered pocket in the front. This is where you can store your MP3 player, cell phone, or keys. If you want to wear gloves, the company sells lace-up nylon glove inserts which make it possible to remove them without removing the entire scrub top. There is a Velcro strap, which allows the user to tighten or loosen the laces. These accessories make it possible for one to customize their medical scrubs according to their comfort and work settings.


Dickies Medical Uniform also sells lots of accessories for scrub tops and scrub pants. If you buy online, the manufacturer delivers these accessories free of charge. There are lots of accessories available, such as reusable ducky nose studs, adhesive measuring tapes, washable surgical gloves, embroidered scrub top and scrub bottoms, and disposable latex gloves. You can also buy scrubs made from a luxurious cotton and high-quality medical scrubs fabric. Such high-quality fabrics allow your patients to wear comfortable, high-quality medical uniforms that are also functional and convenient.

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