Different Types of Genuine Leather Handbags: A Buyer’s Guide

Different Types of Genuine Leather Handbags A Buyer's Guide

Welcome to the world of genuine leather bags online ! Buying genuine leather handbags is a big deal, especially if you do it right. Each material has its own characteristics and every bag has its unique story. It’s like buying clothing because even though two pieces might be cut from the same cloth they are never exactly the same.

When it comes to genuine leather handbags online, not many people know the difference. There are so many brands out there claiming to sell genuine leather bags but the sad truth is that they don’t all adhere to the same standard of quality. Here are some tips for you to follow when buying a genuine leather bag:

Look for top-grain leather

The first thing you should know about genuine leather handbags is that there are many grades of leather and top-grain leather is the best. The term “top-grain” simply means the outermost part of hides or skins, which has been cleaned and prepared before tanning. Top-grain leather includes all types of cowhide material such as full-grain leather, corrected grain and suede.

The finest quality bags on sale today are made from full-grain vegetable tanned leather because it’s durable and long lasting while retaining its natural surface markings and variations in color tones. Full-grain genuine leather can be further processed into top or full grain by sanding off the exterior layer to remove scratches and damage so the bag becomes uniform in appearance. Grain refers to the growth rings on a cow’s skin. Grain leather is also called top-grain leather because, from a distance, it appears smooth and uniform.

The reason genuine leather bags online last long is because they are made from full-grain or top-grain leather, both of which can be further processed to get rid of any visible blemishes and then refinished with added color or embossed for that distinct look.

Another thing you need to consider when buying leather briefcase usa is how it feels in your hands. The best material besides real leather in terms of softness and durability is suede but you should check its base before buying: if it has extra coating or plastic layer to make it durable than feel free to say no to it. Genuine leather handbags are tanned using natural ingredients, whereas suede bags are usually made of synthetic materials which make them suitable for some clothing but not genuine leather handbags. Also beware of low-quality or imitation suede material that can be easily damaged by water or scuffs.

If you’re on a budget then go for vegetable-tanned leather because it’s more affordable than full grain veg tan which is the best quality there is when buying genuine leather bags wholesale online . Other types of cheap leather include split grain, aniline, semi aniline and corrected grain. These are all layers of top-grain real animal skins but have been altered with dyes and pigments to cover blemishes. These are usually used to make handbags for women.

Beware of bonded leather

Another thing to look out for when buying leather briefcase usa wholesale is bonded leather. Even though it’s cheaper than genuine leather it isn’t an actual quality material – rather, the leftover scraps are formed into a sheet which is then bonded with glue and dyes to look like real leather. Many fashion designers use this type of cheap leather to make their bags which you should always avoid because besides being very low-quality it can be dangerous as well.

Genuine Leather Quality Checklist

  1. Durability:

The finest grain (the more uniform in color and tone, free from blemishes) usually lasts longer; Vegetable tanned leather will age better than other types of leather;

  • Handbag Shape:

The square bag will look new longer while trapezoid or deep V shapes are more likely to form creases easily;

  • Surface Texture:

Coarse surface feels good in hand but could be very tough on your clothes because it can cause tiny scratches that damage the fabric layer underneath;

  • Stitching Quality:

High quality stitching is usually straight and uniformed, some stitches will overlap for added strength, some stitch work has an extra line of stitching for added protection against unraveling.

  • Zipper Quality:

 Good quality zippers are thick with plastic teeth, the zipper pull should be big enough to grip easily without slipping off. Beware of metal zippers which rust easily;

  • Buttom Quality:

Check leather lining – the best ones are hidden between two layers of fabric; also make sure to check if base is resilient enough not to bend when placed on flat surface for a long time, or tempered with extra coating in high traffic area that can wear out over time.

Genuine leather bags online will serve you well in terms of design and durability but you must remember to take your time in picking the right bag because it’s meant to last long. Use this guide as an introduction when shopping for ladies’ bags wholesale. You should know how genuine leather looks like so you won’t be fooled by manufacturers bundling together scraps and calling it genuine leather handbags online wholesale which can lead to disappointment after just a few months.

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