For Android users, it’s completely free of cost and you can download it via Google Play Store or any website online. The installation is easy, quick and hassles free as well, so you need not worry about anything else. Although, for Apple users, this might be a problem as you may need to pay a 1 Time single charge to get the application. No worries, if you un-install the myQ app anytime, or your phone reboots then the app won’t ask for a re-payment again. IOS generally has a good memory system, it records the paid apps services from the server and remembers them in your specific ID so that you need not pay again for the same thing twice. However, if you are a regular paid user of the Apple store or have an annual subscription to the system then you may get the myQ app for free. Other than this, no extra monthly cost is charged via the app. Chat with the AI agent at the official site to gather more information. 

Is the myQ garage door app safe?

Yes, it is totally safe to use the myQ app, if you are using a Chamberlain or Liftmaster smart garage door. The app uses an ultra-protective system of the new generation tech to prevent it from getting hacked. You will also receive security patch updates on a quarterly basis, and don’t forget to update and install them. Anyhow, they robotically update themselves if connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection during sleep hours. The door controller itself stays connected to the app, and the main Wi-Fi server, no one other than you can access the door with the security passcode. You can share the code with some delivery person or friend for entering your garage when you are away. This password stays valid for a stipulated period of time so that no one is able to access the door after the given time frame from the user. Try and write down an email, including all your doubts and quarries and send it over

Can we open the garage door with a cell phone?

Absolutely, with the help of the myQ app, you can operate any smart garage doors from Chamberlain and Liftmaster. There are numerous ways to open and close the garage door such as using the wall console, using the app on mobile, setting automatic timers, using voice control and etc. things. You must have a smart cell phone in order to control your garage door from anywhere away and close to your home. Just download the myQ app and install it on your smartphone, create your account and customize it according to your will. Tap on the door option on your smartphone to open or shut the door consequently. Call the tech support team at (800) 528-5880 (Mon to Fri, 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM) and learn how to utilize the app. or visit: https://

Can the myQ door app be hacked?

No, it’s not possible to hack the door by any local thief or virus as such. The app has many layers of software protection that prevents it from hacking. The security patches help maintain the safety protocol and keep changing the system coding which makes it impossible for the hacker to catch the rhythm. Although, in cases of police work, national security or things like that the myQ company themselves can provide access to the main server of the particular house. Also, with the help of high-tech systems, the server can be hacked and accessed from outside. 

Apart from this, if you are using an iPhone or iPad, then your security system is enhanced automatically because as we all know IOS can’t be accessed or hacked by anyone in the world. Their security protocol is the tightest and they don’t even provide control to any user’s phone even if it is for an international cause, that is their only sole purpose to sell the iPhone. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t access the myQ app server, they definitely can hack it from the inside. When it comes to the phone, the app cannot be controlled from there.

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