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There’s no mixing up the look or feel of a Dominican boutique. Past the frequently little, stowed away entryways, you’ll discover las peluqueras remaining over turn seats, employing blowers like weapons pointed straightforwardly at the curliest, frizziest hair you’ve at any time ever. A bachata may be playing behind the scenes as they loosen up delicate twists from brilliant plastic rolos; the chicas under the dryers yelling out the most recent chisme while lunch request family-style for everybody in the house. check the best Dominican hair salon near me

But, as laid-back as these joints might show up, Dominican beauticians knows for giving the best damn victories in the country. Or but, as Grimilda Gonzalez, beautician of Destination Laguna Spa Salon, says,”Nosotras las dominicanas hablamos un buen blower.” That implies they talk a mean blower. Also, with a little help from molding items at times flown in from the island, they work hair through rolos, round brushes, flatirons—whatever it takes—until each strand lies straight and glossy. Furthermore, the cost?

How about we simply say it’s normal to get a victory for as modest as $20. Well known on the East coast, Dominican salons are presently springing up across America. Here, we single out a part of our top picks. On an arrangement, bueno, that is dependent upon you.


Elia Hair Salon
850 Amsterdam Ave.
New York City

While the Tiffany-style lights and rosewood bureau handles are so Fifth Avenue, it’s the consideration you get from proprietors Josephine and Amy de Leon—who offer you un cafecito or vino tinto after entering—that is truly top notch. You can get an incredible victory for $20, yet here’s a tip: If you’re in a hurry, request their exceptional 15-minute victory, where two beauticians go at your hair simultaneously! Amy and Josephine will even send you a card on your birthday. Like discovering them wasn’t gift enough. Stephanie’s Beauty Salon
579 Myrtle Ave.


Proprietor Dilcia Jimenez utilizes conditioners made with regular fixings, like the aloe-imbued AG Fast Food Leave-On Conditioner, to saturate dry hair (see”Their Favorite Products,” page 110). Likewise, bring her an image of any extravagant updo or hairdo and she’ll reproduce it!
Nagle Unisex
82 Nagle Ave.

New York City

Continuously call ahead and ask what the food specials are; these peluqueras like to eat with their customers and will arrange you a plate. It’s a full-administration salon, offering manis, pedis, waxing and facials, so you may get eager. What’s more, set yourself up: Some customers with super-coarse, even unusual hair have been blamed for having loosened up their hair—that is the means by which smooth the victories are.


Aim Laguna Spa Salon
4965 West Tropicana
Las Vegas
Discovering this spot is a large portion of the fight. Beautician Grimilda Gonzalez works out of a little room inside the Destination Laguna Spa Salon. There’s no sign on the entryway, so stroll in and request her by name. Grimilda’s business flourishes with verbal; she knows every last bit of her customers and tailors her medicines to their particular hair needs. Also, her fixing method (enclosing hair by rolos, drying them under a hood, then, at that point running a flatiron through strands from root to tip) faces 115-degree desert heat.
Salón Dominicano
2113 E. Frontier Dr.


At the point when proprietor Sobeida Sánchez originally opened her entryways in 2002 with the name Empire Beauty Salon, business was slow.”They thought we were only any old salon,” she says. After a year, she set up a red shade including the Dominican banner and changed the name to Salón Dominicano. Presently there’s no mixing up what’s going on with this spot: Super-delicate, tenderly waved victories that beginning at $25. But, don’t expect anything extravagant. The dividers paint various tones, the TV may be booming las noticias, but the beauticians—who cheerfully acknowledge walk-ins—child tan amables they are more than prepared to cause you to feel comfortable.

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