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Dubai, a fast-paced metropolitan city, nestled in the heart of the Middle East is home to record-breaking buildings and attractions. This small city has now evolved to become a powerful magnet, attracting visitors and investors from all around the world. While visitors want to explore the mesmerizing beauty of this city, others plan on living here. Regardless of the differing interests, Dubai engulfs both streams of people wholeheartedly.

Specifically, for those who plan to settle in, this emirate has the futuristic and sophisticated lifestyle that you have always dreamed of. From luxury penthouses to staying close to nature, switching to Zen mode and living in a Waterfront Property, Dubai has it all for you.

Having said that, let’s take a closer look at what lifestyle Dubai offers.

Therapeutic Blue Spaces

The city of Dubai is a developed coastal city that gives its residents pleasant and meditative benefits of living near blue spaces. Writers, painters, poets and mariners have all testified to the beauty, wellness and harmony of the blue waters. In fact, the urban professionals, seek to choose to invest in a waterfront property to help channel their inner calmness.

Psychologists and ancient Chinese people believe that living in the immediate sight of water reduces psychological stress in humans. This has inspired many investors and thus, increased the demand of residential and even commercial properties overlooking aquatic spaces.

Architectural Marvels

Dubai has numerous architectural wonders and is a perfect blend of minimalistic and complex building styles. A walk in Downtown Dubai or any commercial area will show the attractive architecture.

Buildings like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al-Arab, Cayan Tower, Dubai Frame, Green Planet, Museum of Future are just a few of the amazing architectural sights. Moreover, every building has a different design, innovation and experience attached to it that no visitor should miss out.

In addition to the national landscapes, Dubai also houses wondrous adventure parks, exquisite shopping malls, thrill games and so much more. This emirate is worth exploring

Sustainable Living

Sustainability is going to be the most important component of any futuristic lifestyle. This concept nurtures the growth of communities with the plants, the bridge the space that is widely present in the urban communities. Recycling, and water/energy conservation are notable.

The scorching summer heat and coastal winds of Dubai areas utilized for power generation through solar panels and wind powers. Although the installation cost is high, these energy plants are durable and cost-effective for businesses.

waterfront property


An acronym for 6-dimensional Building Information Management refers to intellectual linking of all the individual 3D components of project life-cycle. Utilizing this technology has greatly brought down the maintenance cost for the residents and determined possible costs at the initial stage. Moreover, the cost effective and time efficient technological measures are an important factor of future living. New residential projects now incorporate the use of these softwares to cut down the costs and add more profits.

Water Purifiers

With the obvious lack of rainfall and increasing population, water in Dubai is something that preoccupies the residents. Bottled water consumption in Dubai is a very common practice. However, it significantly adds on to the cost and energy of carrying bottles daily.

Recent residential projects now have dedicated water purifiers. Also, every household tends to have access to a water purifier. This leading technology will provide a 5-stage purification technology to ensure that water is absolutely pure, fresh and healthy.

LPG Connection

Besides the advanced technologies adopted in the construction and design of high-rise buildings, great attention has been given to enhance the everyday life of residents. Every apartment will have access to LPG connection to optimize cooking. Many established developers now incorporate the cost-effective LPG range. Gas range cooking will save the resident’s money in the long run since it is relatively inexpensive.

High-speed Elevators

To ensure residents will get to the apartment floor safe and fast, a stunningly tall, 53-storey building like Stella Maris Dubai has multiple high-speed elevators at their disposal. With a top speed of around 4 meters per second, residents can go from level 0 to the 53rd story quickly.

Moving Forward

With the aforementioned benefits, facilities and the ongoing recent developments in Dubai, one can definitely foresee it as a piece of land in the future. One that promises efficiency and sustainability to improve the living quality for the residents, businessmen. In all, it definitely is a magnetic attraction for expatriates and investors altogether.

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