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Dubai Water Canal Apartments For Good Ones


Located in an ideal position in Dubai, canal front residences in Dubai are sought-after by both expatriates and locals. This multi-story complex is home to a series of luxury villas that are both rented out and privately owned by local families. Each unit is fully furnished with a fully stocked kitchen, a private swimming pool, dining area, balcony, terrace and the facilities that accompany full house rental. These villas offer all the comforts and hospitality that you would expect from a 5 star hotel.

One of the most popular features of canal front residences in Dubai is the amazing view of the Burj-Al-Arab on a clear day. If you want to get up close and personal with some of the local birds or perhaps enjoy the spectacular views over the city, then these gorgeous apartments offer breathtaking views that are difficult to beat. You also get excellent opportunities for water sports, entertainment and leisure activities such as tennis, badminton, billiards, horse riding, golfing and jet skiing. In addition, most apartments have direct access to Dubai Creek where a number of exclusive shops, restaurants and Dubai banks offer their unique merchandise.

This is not your average flat. At the heart of this amazing new residential community is a stunning rooftop pool that overlooks the water canal. The facilities and amenities featured here complement the stylish surroundings. In fact, it has become such a hit with local residents that there has been a constant increase in the number of tourists wanting to check in at the apartment units.

The apartments offer a complete package of luxury living, comfort and convenience. With round the clock services guaranteed by master leasing management, residents have easy access to top-notch restaurants and bars. There’s also a gymnasium with an attached swimming pool. If the children stay inside, they’ll be well catered for with special care. The master leasing management takes care of all aspects of maintenance, from security to landscaping and daily housekeeping. All amenities including top-notch fitness centre and sauna are included in the package.

If you want to have a taste of old Dubai, then this is the place to come. The canal front residences are situated at the heart of the city and offer spectacular views of the meydan oil fields. Each unit is fully furnished and luxurious with king-size or double beds, whirlpool baths, wet bar, kitchenette and more. The luxurious features and amenities here complement everything from modern LCD television to top-of-the-range Persian rugs. In short, you’re transported to another world, a place where time stands still and luxury prevails.

The living quarters of the canal front residence are spacious, airy and light. Large living spaces with generous floor-to-ceiling windows are common in the villas. A variety of amenities and the convenience of large living areas are what attract residents. Security is provided at all times and parking is also available on the second level.

The apartments have two bedroom suites with private balconies. Each apartment is fully furnished with a high-end Persian rug, granite countertops and top-of-the-line appliances. Two-story town houses are also available on the other side of the water canal. These fully furnished residences have private balconies, central heating and air conditioning as well as washer/dryer and swimming pools. Some of the apartments have additional guest suites and lofts that can be rented separately. The luxury amenities here include cable TV, high-end furniture and BBQ grills.

The luxury villas have a slightly higher monthly payment than the other flats and apartments. However, the payment plan allows one to pay for months at a time. High-end residences offer a large number of facilities including sauna facilities, health clubs and childcare. For those who want to live in comfort, the luxury accommodation offers amenities like air-conditioning and security.

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