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Using your credit cards often for transactions can help you get tons of discounts. You can redeem these credit card offers and unlock the discounts easily. From cashback to reduced prices, you can avail yourself of all the offers offered by your company. Not only that, you can even get discounts for purchasing every time you use your card for a transaction.

Convert your offers, redeem all and earn as much as you can. Check out below these credit card benefits to avail, which are just a few steps away.

Just Apply For Credit Card

Yes, you can avail a huge bonus point just by applying for a credit card. A lot of institutions offer welcome points which are like a free treat to yourself. Just follow the steps required for applying, get verified followed by approval. And you are all ready to use your credit points.

Earn Rewards Regularly

You can make a minimum purchase as 100/- and you are eligible to get a few points, discounts, or even cashback as your reward. With Bajaj Finserv Bank Super Card, you can pay your daily bills and will still be available for earning rewards.

Accelerated Rewards

Shopping or purchasing a few specific items will assure you of definite credit points. Check for the offers when you are proceeding with the online transaction. Use the code or pay using any link given. Even for offline purchases, there are credits available for certain brands and products.

Renewal Credits

If you have reached the last date of your card, simply apply for a renewal. Not just the card, you will be rewarded both with loyalty, welcome, and renewal rewards at a time. However, this depends on the institution how many offers they will sell.

Higher Purchase Higher Discounts

For purchasing something big, like any jewelry, travel booking, flight, hotel rooms, luxury stay and so on can get you even more exciting offers. Make sure you use your card whenever you are buying any such product or service. You can even get complimentary gifts almost every time.

International Payment Rewards

If you are purchasing something from abroad using a credit card, you will be entitled to avail of the International offers. These credit card benefits can include cash-back too! You can transact easily with Bajaj Finserv Bank Super Card.

Stay Loyal, Earn Credits

If you don’t switch too often to your other modes of payment and use your card consistently, you can get loyalty rewards. There must be regular intervals and a few payments that you need to make. Once you’ve reached your requirements, you are eligible to get loyalty points easily.

Supplementary Credit Cards

If you want your family members to enjoy all the credit card offers, you can apply for supplementary credit cards. The basic criteria are that the member needs to be 18 or above. Just not that, you can get rewarded too, for every transaction they make

Redeem With Minimum Points

You can only redeem the amount only after you have purchased up to the limit. From discounts, offers to cash-backs, it all depends on how fast you can mark the minimum point. Also, you can keep it safe until you make it a huge amount and spend on something credible.

Redeem Before Expiry Date

Every discount comes with an expiry date. If you want to redeem it, you need to use it before the date mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Purchasing Minimum Amount

There are amounts allocated which only allow you to avail of certain offers. These all amounts are exclusive of any added tax. Unless you make it to the minimum price, you can’t unlock the point. Bajaj Finserv Bank Super Card offers you similar offers very often.

Redemption Cost

For a few items to purchase, you will need to pay a very minimal fee to redeem the point. It does not apply to all the companies and also depends upon the card offers you are using. Also, they would mention the cost in their policies. So, don’t hurry before you have read it all.

The more transactions you make, the more you earn. You can earn more points just by using these offers, the next time you purchase anything.

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