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Every day, new websites are launched those pay users for clicks. These platforms promise users will earn more money by showing them ads, reviewing different advertisements, or linking to them.

Anyone who has used such advertising platforms knows that many are fakes or scams. These pages are endlessly scrollable, and you don’t get paid anything.

Here we will provide information on one such ad network that isn’t fake and allows you to make money while watching ads. This ad platform can be called ‘EEHHAAA.

What are eehhaaa and exactly?

Eehhaaaa is one of the most lucrative ad platforms for earning money. It is the safest and most trustworthy platform. There are many ways you can make money online, such as viewing ads, visiting pages, and referring. The payments are often made immediately. Eehhaaa is a trusted and lucrative way to earn extra income online by watching advertisements.

You can join eehhaaa immediately, and it is free. eehhaaa operates on Paid to Click, also known as PTC concepts. It is a way of saying that you are paid when certain advertisers display ads to you., the official website of eehhaaa, also has a mobile version. eehhaaaa has been around for many years, and its user base keeps growing every day.

As I mentioned above, eehhaaa works with a simple system. A user is paid to be able to see advertisements every day. These ads appear on a separate page and are broken down into multiple categories.

How to register on eehhaaaa

Follow the steps below to register or create an account at eehhaaa.

  • First, visit the official site of eehhaaa, i.e., Second, download the app to your mobile.
  • If you visit the official website of eehhaaa, you will see a Sign-up button in the top-right corner.
  • Click on this “Sign Up” option to view top options such as “Advertiser” and “Viewer.”
  • You can choose from any of these options, depending on your needs.
  • Consider that you have chosen the ‘Viewer option. Then you’ll see an application form.
  • You will be asked to enter First Name, Surname, and Email information.
  • Click on the Next button.
  • The new form will allow you to enter data such as your Age, Gender, Country, and City.
  • Next, click on “Register.”
  • You will be taken to a new page where you can view various classified ads.
  • You will need to select at least 25 categories where you would like to see the ads.
  • After you have completed all information and selected the appropriate categories, click the ‘Submit’ button.
  • You will be able to complete your registration at eehhaaa.

How to log in at eehhaaaa

Follow these steps to log in at eehhaaa

  • Visit the official website of eehhaaa through this link
  • Click the “Login” option at the top.
  • Select the ‘Viewer or Advertiser’ option.
  • A login page will open where you’ll need to enter both your Email address and password.
  • After you’ve entered your login details, click on the Login button. You will be logged in to your eehhaaa.
  • eehhaaa is now partnered with Jaa Lifestyle. You can log into your eehhaaa accounts directly via Jaa Lifestyle.

How do you reset your Eehhaaa Login Password Steps?

  • These are the steps you need to follow in order to reset your Eehhaaa Portal username and password.
    • You can visit the Eehhaaa Login Official Site at
    • Now, please click the “Forgot password” link as shown in the above screenshot.
    • Enter your Email Address that is associated with your account.
    • Hit the RESET Button, and follow the steps to reset the password.

Eehhaaa Login help

  • Here are the Eehhaaa contact numbers. These can be helpful in solving your problems. Let’s just get started and let us choose the best way to contact you without a second thought.
  • Official
  • Final words
  • The Eehhaaa Login was everything. I hope that you liked this article. However, if you need any assistance with the App Eehhaaa login, feel free to comment. Thanks!

How do you earn money using the eehhaaaa app?

You have two options for making money via eehhaaa. These are:

  • Advertising can make you money.
  • Making Money as a Viewer

Advertisers make money

You can place ads on eehhaaa by signing up as an ‘Advertiser.’ These ads are displayed to users. If they click on them or perform any action, the Advertisers, i.e., those who placed the ads, will be compensated based on what the users do. These actions could include buying the product or services listed in the ads.

There are many advantages to advertising or displaying ads through eehhaaa. These include:

Guaranteed viewing audience

Signing up at eehhaaa to become an advertiser allows you to limit the number of people that see your ads. Your ads will reach a global audience as eehhaaaa isn’t restricted to any country. Because your ads are only visible to users who have expressed an interest in them, it increases the likelihood of getting more clicks.

Target your audience

You can choose to display your ads to viewers from selected categories. You have the option to choose the countries in which your ads will be displayed.

Analyse Data

It’s possible to track and analyze all traffic from your ads campaigns. You can see how your campaign is performing and analyze which ads perform well. This will help you to to decide whether to continue or change the same ad campaigns.

Making Money as a Viewer

To make money with eehhaaa, you’ll need to open a new account named ‘Viewers. You can also earn money by watching viewers.

  • Advertisements:
  • Refer friends

Watching advertisements

The simplest way to earn money is through ‘Viewers.’ Here, you get paid for just watching the ads. These categories let you choose what interests you. Each day, 20 ads will be sent to you after you have selected your interests. After you click or see these 20 ads, you will be awarded a pre-determined amount of money.

Referring friends

You can also invite people to see ads online through eehhaaa. Referring people to view ads online will give you a better return than simply watching them yourself. If you’re paid $0.1 per hour to view the 20 ads, then you might earn as much as $1 per referral. Refer as many people to watch the ads on eehhaaa, and you could make a lot of money. Invite your relatives and friends to see these ads. You can earn money without investing any money.

Advertisement on Benefits

Advertisers who advertise on eehhaaaa will enjoy the following benefits

  • eehhaaa, a Global Advertising Service that allows ads to be displayed in multiple countries and locations based upon your selection.
  • Eehhaaaa costs less than other advertising platforms. With a lower budget, you can place more ads.
  • A lot of people are attracted by the advertisements because eehhaaa allows them to make money from their viewings.
  • Advertisements based upon viewers’ interests will be available.
  • eehhaaa gives advertisers access to the analytics so they can see how their ads are performing.

eehhaaa customer care number

Eehhaaa is the most popular ad platform. It allows users to make money simply by viewing ads. However, it also offers the best customer support.

A quick search on on the Internet will reveal the opinions and comments about satisfaction among users who have registered to the site. enjoys high praise from both advertisers and viewers.

Customer service is available 24/7, 7 days a semaine. It offers quick and thorough answers and services such as how to log in, register, or pay.

Although there isn’t an email id or number available on the official website, you can use their Facebook and Insta profiles to reach their customer service team and receive solutions to any problem.


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