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Effective Ways to Maintain Your Commercial Tankless Water Heater

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The delivery of hot water throughout your commercial building is an essential convenience, particularly if you are situated in a colder climate. The easiest way to use hot water for daily use is with a tankless water heater. It heats up the water as it flows through the pipes and doesn’t store any, so there’s no need to constantly reheat a reservoir of water all day long — it’s just not worth the energy waste. In addition, tankless water heaters take up much less space than a traditional unit and can fit in places like under the sink or in the basement.


Preserve your commercial plumbing investment; learn how to take good care of your tankless water heater by reading more on this page.

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Have a pro install your tankless water heater

There are a lot of factors that go into installing that you might overlook if you don’t have professional experience with tankless water heaters. That’s why it’s recommended that you hire a professional for tankless water heater installation instead to ensure your new unit is properly installed and integrated with your existing systems for maximum efficiency and safety


Clean the exterior of the unit

You should clean the exterior of your tankless water heater once a year. First, clear away any objects surrounding the unit. Then use a soft-bristled brush along with warm soapy water and mild detergents to gently scrub away dirt. After cleaning, rinse it with water and dry thoroughly.


Flush out sediment

Tankless heaters are very sensitive and function best when fed only with clean water. Sediment can clog the filter, restrict the flow of water, decrease performance or even shut the unit down. That’s why experts recommend flushing out the sediment every 6 to 12 months.


Use your thermostat wisely

Tankless water heaters are extremely efficient, but they can be affected by the thermostat in your house. Failing to keep tabs on your thermostat can lead to your tankless water heater shutting down if it overheats, causing your production of hot water to cease. An ideal thermostat setting for a water heater is 120° F. As the temperature rises higher, so does the risk of scalding and the energy consumed by your water heater.


Schedule routine unit maintenance

Tankless systems are extremely reliable, but like all mechanical devices, they need maintenance and upkeep. With proper care and maintenance, your on-demand water heater will provide years of reliable service. Prepping your tankless system for the cold season will ensure that you get hot water whenever you want it.


When to call for a commercial plumbing repair


When you’re relying on a tankless water heater to feed clean, hot water to your business, it’s crucial that it stays functional and running at full capacity. If at any point your tankless water heater starts showing warning signs, do not hesitate to call professional technicians right away. Calling a tankless water heater repair service before you need one will save you the headache of dealing with a disappearing hot water supply or higher-than-average power bill. Talk to the pros now!


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