Bug sweeps or electronic bug sweeping is an important security tool that uses sensitive places such as companies, hotels, and automobiles and detects things that could leak information processed in sensitive meetings, such as wireless eavesdropping and hidden cameras.

A bug sweep is more than just a defense. This also has a preventive connotation. In this scenario, the procedure should be pre-cleaned of the area where the meeting of senior management will take place, for example, the attendance of politicians, celebrities and persons of special public interest. It also works when people in key positions in multinational companies need a safe and leak-free environment where they can speak freely. A typical use place is a meeting room, a hotel room, or a car. High-level negotiations in politics, business, etc., infidelity, business breaches, commission payments, unfair competition, and other secrecy that is mixed with public and private are the main reasons for devices that require eavesdropping.

Investigator and Privacy Electronic Bug Sweep

Those who are not familiar with the field of security or cybersecurity, or those who are not familiar with the world of general investigation, are likely not to know the meaning and importance of the concept of “electronic bug sweeping“.

What is Electronic Bug Sweep?

bug sweepingElectronic bug sweeps can be defined as investigative techniques used by private investigators to look for spy devices, intrusion systems for information gathering, or eavesdropping systems as security measures.

Electronic scanning follows a scientific method and must be developed by qualified professionals with modern equipment and technical tools to detect spy equipment.

Private investigators are the only professionals who authorized and approved by the local state Governor’s office. Only a PI can conduct this type of investigations. When hiring these professionals, you should never forget to check if you have a TIP (Professional Identification Card), the only official document certifying that an investigator will perform such work.

A person or company claiming to be a “professional who detects electronic scans” must be careful not to hire them because they do not have the training, certification, or necessary tools to perform electronic scans and they do not have legal permission for such work.

Since electronic bug sweeps are a complex technique that usually takes several hours, one should suspect anyone or any non-professional who offers or assures that electronic bug sweeps will be performed within 30 minutes.

Electronic bug sweeps, aimed at detecting many devices for capturing both images and sound, are carried out on a room-by-room basis.

When conducting an electronic bug sweeping, the private investigator must submit a comprehensive technical report, which details the procedure carried out during the investigation, its conclusions, future recommendations, etc.

So, what is the purpose of electronic bug sweep?

The purpose of electronic information collection is, in most cases, preventive. For example, if a company plans to hold an important confidential meeting in a room or office, and it is believed that a third party may install eavesdropping, voyeurism, or information theft devices, it is advisable to hire a private detective before holding such a meeting. An investigation professional performs an electronic bug sweep to make sure that no wiretaps, voyeur devices, or information theft devices are installed in the room.

In other words, if a company is suspected of being vulnerable to information leakage by spyware or wiretaps (competitors, unauthorized workers, etc.), electronic bug sweeps can be performed to analyze spaces where sensitive information can be handled, such as various offices and vehicles.

Remember that a professional private investigator’s office must have the latest technology in the search and detection of microphones, cameras, or any hidden device or spyware. With the constant advancement of spyware and spyware, truly top-notch investigators need to modernize constantly their technical resources.

To detect spy devices such as microphones, cameras, programs, etc., you realize today you need the advanced technology and the right equipment to be used by professionals on that road.

Some common tools for electronic bug sweeping?

Private investigators, depending on their respective investigations, have to analyze different aspects using their respective tools for a specific purpose. Therefore, the electronic investigation is structured as follows:

  1. Radio detectors. It is useful for detecting devices that emit radio waves, such as GPS, microphones, and cameras.
  2. Electromagnetic wave detector. It helps to detect devices that are not currently sending or are sending. For example, a recorder, a GPS locator to launch on the go, and so on.
  3. Technical camera. It helps to detect temperature changes caused by some electronic component.
  4. Endoscopes. It helps us to analyze places we do not have easy access to. For example, air conditioning outlet.

Points to ask a detective to investigate electronic components

– If you suspect that a competitor, employee, or third party is infiltrating your company to undermine your company’s interests, it’s basically a good idea not to talk to anyone first.

– You need to make sure that the investigation firm you are requesting is licensed to a local government agency, that the detective is qualified, and that you have the experience and technical tools necessary to perform an electronic scan.

– It is necessary to doubt the professionalism of such investigation companies as economical electronic scanning and conducting in”30 minutes”.

Conditions that the investigator must meet for bug sweeping

  1. A private detective must have the appropriate technical equipment and tools to perform the bug sweep correctly.
  2. You have received the correct training.
  3. Know how to use different sweeping tools
  4. Be able to combine different technologies for detecting spy equipment
  5. The commissioned investigator must issue a complete report on the techniques and tools used in the commissioned observation.

Bug Sweeping Services in Australia

The services of Auscovert Investigations are directed to both preventive and decisive aspects of the situation. We will advise you on the best practices and measures to remain vigilant, avoid and counter unwanted eavesdropping and recording, and maintain the confidentiality without being exposed to information leaks such as video, photos and audio. Basically, the service is intended for the detection of hidden cameras, wireless microphones, and wiretaps of all senses and frequencies that are widespread in today’s technology industry.

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