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Chitral is located in the state of Punjab and is considered one of the major places to go for a vacation. Chitral is well known for its natural beauty and is also popular for being an agricultural centre. Chitral is located in the Anand Sagar Valley and it is surrounded by other smaller townships such as Srinagar and Lahore. Chitral is the birthplace of Lord Brahma, so the place is full of religious significance and heritage. Most of the people who visit Chitral are Christians from nearby villages who migrate to Srinagar on pilgrimage.

The first thing that strikes your mind upon entering Chitral is the verdant green rice field that stretches for miles. Soon after you enter Chitral, you will fall in love with the greenery and flora that surrounds the place. In recent years, Srinagar has been included in the list of most favourite cities of India that is visited by many tourists and vacationers.

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Today Chitral is popular all over the world for its picturesque beauty. This is because Srinagar has always remained the most popular tourist destination in the state of Punjab. Chitral today stands as a testament to the love between the Hindu and Muslim populations of India. It is also known as a historical place of India as it was here that Mahatma Gandhi delivered his famous speech. The town is well connected to other important places in the country like Delhi and New Delhi. A variety of different cultures and religions make Chitral a very popular destination for travellers and vacationers from around the world.

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Chitral Today News is a leading Chitral portal that gives you up-to-date information about the latest happenings in the Chitral region. You can also get the latest news on various other places around India and abroad. You can subscribe to this RSS feed and receive the latest updates even on your phone. Chitral Today News provides a lot of information on everything that is happening in the Chitral region and especially in Srinagar.

Chitral is a very popular picnic destination for people from all parts of the world. It is also one of the most popular places for trekking in the country. The Dal Lake Waterfall is a very popular attraction in Chitral and hence trekking is a very popular sport in Chitral. Chitral is also well known for its beautiful beaches which are scattered all over the town and provide an opportunity to relax on the golden sands.

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There are many places to shop in Chitral as well. These shops are mostly found in the Naseer Nagar area. These shops mainly sell clothes and accessories from all over the country and the nearby areas. Chitral also has many traditional stores that provide tourists with wonderful handicrafts made in the region.

There are many amusement parks in Chitral and the most popular among them are Dal Lake Park and City Park. Dal Lake Park is located near Nagarhole and is well connected with all other places in Chitral. Chitral is also known for its Pashmina Shawls. These Shawls are very popular and many people wear them to protect their skin from sunburns.


Srinagar is a very beautiful city. There are many hotels in Srinagar that provide excellent facilities for tourists. Tourists can try out hiking in the valley of Srinagar. The Valley of Srinagar is the second largest tourist attraction in northern India and is popular all around the world.

Another popular attraction in Chitral is the Buddhist Temple of St. Francis. This temple attracts many people because of the beautiful scenery and the calm atmosphere. In addition to this, there is another temple located here called the St. Mary’s monastery which is a major attraction for people from all over the country. There is a major religious significance for the people of Chitral. They believe in following the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


One of the major attractions of Chitral is Dal Lake. This lake is spread on many acres and is surrounded by beautiful palm trees. If you visit this place then you will find a lot of fish swimming in it. The main reason for the attraction of this lake is its natural beauty and also for the Chitral river. You can also fish if you like.

Many people visit Chitral to experience the culture of the region. It is a major centre of Jammu Kashmir tourism. It has many cultural institutes and also has many temples. There are many heritage hotels in Chitral which provide accommodation to the tourists. Some of these hotels are Chitral Resorts and Heritage Resort Srinagar.

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