Ethnic Wear: An Immortal Trend to Fall in Love

Blog_Ethnic Wear An Immortal Trend to Fall in Love

The love affair between the Indian women and ethnic wear is eternal. No matter the western trends that come and go, designer ethnic dresses have an eternal spot in every closet. While ethnic wear has transformed drastically over the years, it still holds on to its traditional roots, blurring the line between “traditional” and “ethnic” wear, so much so that the terms are now often used quite interchangeably.

India is known for its unique diversity; it’s a melting pot of various ethnic groups, religions, and languages that vary across the regions. The incredible people that make up the country have helped make it a subcontinent of its own, where anyone and everyone is welcome. Though people across the country may have different religious practices, languages, and delicious food, the thread of Indian tradition binds the nation. While the people are diverse, they are closely knit together in their love for upholding traditional values—ethnic wear being one of these aspects. Regardless of your age or where you’re from, wearing ethnic garments is deep-rooted in Indian culture, and we’re never letting go of this simple ritual.

Glamorous Designer Ethnic Dresses: A Must-Have for Every Closet

The mammoth ethnic wear market’s estimated value in India is in billions, with more than ninety percent of it composed of women’s wear. Of course, when you take a look around you, these statistics do not seem as surprising. Traditional wear for women is a must-have, especially when wedding season strikes. No other garment could ever compare to the beauty of a lehenga set or an elegantly draped saree when you wish to dress up for celebrations.

Although wearing traditional clothing is an intrinsic part of the Indian culture, it is has seen quite a few transformations over the years. Today, designers are trying their best to blend ethnic wear with western roots, giving rise to Indo-western or fusion styles that quickly dominate the market.

Striking a balance between sticking to your traditional roots while embracing modern looks may be difficult, but we’re here to solve the mystery for you.

How Do Your Style Ethnic Dresses?

Though ethnic dresses may be gorgeous on their own, styling them perfectly elevates their look. Been overthinking how you can style your designer ethnic dress? We’ve got some must-have tips to help you make the most of your ethnic closet.

Experimental is the way to go

Wondering how you can make your ethnic wear look intriguing? It’s time to get experimental with silhouettes and hemlines. The asymmetrical hemline for Anarkalis, Kurtas, and even ethnic bottoms is all the rage, and they help you look effortlessly stylish.

It’s not just the hemlines to watch out for, but subtle switches to make your ethnic wear wardrobe stand out. Don’t go for boring old leggings or churidars when you’ve got comfortable Palazzos, skirts, and cigarette pants in the market.

As for Kurtas and Anarkalis, it’s best to start small by incorporating bolder colors and prints, which may be a welcome change to your wardrobe. Though it is easy to stick to monochrome outfits, which are easy to style, ethnic wear was never meant to be anything but a splash of colors.

peach colour anarkal

Go for statement pieces

Finding stunning Indian ethnic wear online is a breeze, but it’s important to venture out of your comfort zone. Not ready to go for wild prints and styles yet? Start by incorporating statements pieces into your wardrobe. Pairing a long jacket with your go-to jeans or pants may be a subtle change, but it’s sure to turn heads.
Statement pieces don’t always have to be bold; you can opt for pieces that are less conventional such as pairing crop tops with dhoti pants or wearing an ethnic cape with your outfit.

Don’t ditch the dupatta.

The rise of Indo-western wear has inadvertently led to the death of the dupatta. Sure, sometimes that extra piece of garment can be a little cumbersome, but nothing compares to the beauty of a flowy dupatta that matches perfectly with your outfit. Designer dupattas with intricate embroidery have risen, but we wish to see more of them during celebrations.

mahroon anarkal

Layer it up

Now given the heat of Indian summers, the Idea of layering up may seem like your worst nightmare. Don’t worry, though; Indian designers are all on board, and they’ve decided to bless shelves with summer jackets made of lightweight and breezy material. So, you can look stylish while staying comfortable. Long ethnic jackets or short embroidered jackets are a blessing for your wardrobe; you’ll be thanking us when you’re showered in compliments.

peach colour anarkali

Styling your designer ethnic wear doesn’t have to be a dreaded task; it’s all about having fun and embracing your inner stylist. With even the celebs embracing designer ethnic wear for almost every celebration, finding gorgeous ethnic outfits online is no longer a chore—no need to head to secluded retail shops when you can shop from the comfort of your home at Moledro.

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