Everyday Tasks of Industrial Floor Repair Companies

concrete floor polishing companies

A polished concrete floor is more than just a nice-looking surface. It has an industrial, unfinished look that’s immediately apparent in any space where it’s installed.

Of course, the process of making this type of floor isn’t exactly standard outside of industrial settings.

So, what are some examples of the tasks performed by a polished concrete floor contractor?

Grind and Seal Existing Floor

It is the number one task that such companies perform, as it’s necessary before any other work can be done. Any floor surface with lippage (unevenness) will make it difficult for workers to ensure all parts of the space are easily accessible. It may be a tripping hazard to visitors.

These concrete floor polishing companies are experts at quickly removing the sealant, grinding the concrete to a uniform height, and applying a new coat of sealer or wax.

It raises the level of safety for people working in commercial spaces.

concrete floor polishing companies

Repair Damaged Areas

Industrial floors take high volumes of punishment daily, so it’s common for some areas to become damaged.

Whether it’s due to forklift traffic, heavy equipment that takes up space on the floor, or workers with high-heeled boots (which can cause scratches), every industrial floor will eventually show signs of wear and tear.

Repairing these areas is a simple process followed by many such companies:

  • Grind down the surface of the concrete to a uniform height
  • Fill in divots or scratches with sand and epoxy, then grind down again
  • Apply sealant or wax

Create Designs on an Existing Floor

Usually reserved for smaller areas where workers can walk freely, floor designs are usually made during grinding and sealing.

Depending on the type of sealant or wax applied, this process can involve stencils and colored powders that ground into the surface.

Sandblast a Floor to Create a New Design

It is an advanced technique usually performed by industrial floor repair companies on huge floors where heavy equipment will be rolling over it regularly.

The technique involves applying a new coat of sealant or wax after sandblasting the surface to remove existing designs.

Install Metal Tracks on an Existing Floor

It is another advanced technique that’s commonly used in warehouses where forklifts travel frequently.

The tracks are attached with epoxy; depending on the width of the track, it can help divots become flush with the surrounding concrete.

Install New Concrete

When existing concrete is beyond repair or if an area suddenly has to be made larger for some reason, new concrete may need to be poured.

The process requires advanced expertise and equipment, which industrial floor repair companies usually provide.

Remove Existing Flooring

When repairing an existing floor, it is almost always done to ensure the proper surface is created in a suitable space.

Floor removal can be an involved process that will require the expertise of several professionals, including concrete floor polishing companies.

Remove Dust and Debris

If a floor requires any repairs to the surface, it’s usually done before other processes begin.

To do this efficiently, all dust and debris must be removed from the surrounding area so workers can get down to the concrete itself. It is one reason why many concrete floor polishing companies will also provide wet cleaning services for industrial floors.

Final Thoughts

The best industrial floor repair companies are the ones working on your floor every day. They know where all the problems are, what can cause them in the future, and how to prevent them from happening.

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