Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormones are a relatively new science that has changed the way women experience menopause and other hormonal symptoms of aging. Through using these specialized simulated hormone doses, many people are able to get off or at least lessen their effects from this difficult time in life–menopause! Bioidenticals come from plants just like our body’s natural plant based chemicals which means there haven’t been any studies done yet on possible side effects because it is such an innovative idea.

Are There Side Effects Involved

There are no adverse side effects of using hormone replacement therapy in the body. The current research does not conclusively demonstrate any dangers linked with HRT, and at least one study found it better for diabetes prevention than some traditional medications!

What Causes Adverse Bioidentical Hormones Side Effects in Some People?

Bioidentical hormones have been found to be more beneficial than synthetic ones because they don’t cause as many side effects. If you are taking too much of any one kind of hormone, such as testosterone for example, then your body will suffer ill effects just like when natural production goes overboard with this particular glandular system chemical–even though there’s only about 10 times less active ingredient in synthetically produced versions compared with bio-hormones! 

By balancing out doses back down once again these adverse reactions can usually.

It is always important to check with your doctor before starting on any type of bioidentical hormone therapy, but when you know the right dosage it can help provide many benefits.

You may be able to minimize menopause symptoms by taking bioidentical hormones. The information above will help you learn more about what to expect, and as long as your physician approves of this option for treatment in an effort at living a healthier happier life there is no risk involved with trying them out!

Bioidentical Hormone Treatment is the solution for women who are experiencing menopause. Find out how it can relieve your hot flashes, night sweats and anxiety attacks on our website now!

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