Everything You Need To Know About The Rules Of Taekwondo

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While Taekwondo doesn’t include too many rules, few rules need to be remembered while practicing or sparring in Taekwondo’s best online and offline self-defense classes in Rancho Cordova, CA. Remember, rules are designed to make Taekwondo more safe and transparent and ensure that fighters use correct techniques to win a competition. In fact, it’s the rules of Taekwondo that help you enhance your spirit and life through training your body and mind. This is why today; Taekwondo has gained an international reputation and stands among the official games in the Olympics.

The Importance of Obeying the Rules and Regulations in the Taekwondo

Obeying rules and regulations in family-focused Taekwondo academies form an environment where practitioners feel safe and comfortable while competing in the match. When practitioners follow the rules and regulations, they also benefit. The word Taekwondo is composed of three words: Tae means foot, leg Kwon means fist or fight, and Do means the way or discipline. When all three words are put together, we can understand the essential concepts behind Tae Kwon Do.

Although most martial arts share similar benefits overall, these benefits may vary depending on approaches, techniques, and principles between them. It is no secret that learning Taekwondo can offer a lot of health benefits.  Regardless of your age, you are going to experience endless benefits, both physical and mental. All these physical and mental health benefits that come along with Taekwondo have encouraged several families to join Taekwondo academies in Rancho Cordova, CA.

Here’s the Basic Taekwondo Rules and Regulations You Need to Know

1. Fair Opponent Fighting

Practitioners doing sparring or fighting in a match should be fair. In short, you must ensure pairing practitioners of the same gender and weight class in both match and sparring scenarios.

2. Match Rounds Must be Timed

The rounds in a Taekwondo match are pretty short and quick. Matches and contests consist of three two-minute rounds with a rest period of just one minute between each round.

3. The Objective of the Fight

Practitioners must always keep the goal of their technique in mind, whether they are employing sparring or fighting in a match. The main goal of a Taekwondo fighter is to knock out the opponent or land as many blows and kicks as possible in a specific amount of time.

4. Kicks and Blows Should be Allowed in Specific Areas

Taekwondo fighters often aim to land as many kicks and blows as their opponent in the allowed target areas. This is because punches can only be applied on the upper body – nothing below the waist. If fighters violate the rule, they will be penalized.

5. Wins Must be Fairly Declared

The fighter who knocks out the opponent is usually declared the winner of the match, but this is not always the case. If there is no knockout, the winner is determined by tallying the scores. In such a scenario, fighters with the most points win the match.

6. Penalties Must Apply When Practitioners Don’t Adhere to the Rules

When practitioners perform sparring in a match, they are usually monitored strictly for violations and inappropriate behavior. Penalties can be applied for:

  • Attacking an opponent below the waist.
  • Attacking the opponent with the knee.
  • Stepping outside of the mat with both feet.
  • Faking an injury.
  • Punching in the face.
  • Grabbing, pushing, or holding the opponent.
  • Turning a back on the opponent.

7. Taekwondo Scoring System

Having a good grasp of how the scoring works in Taekwondo can be helpful in the longer run. The current and updated Taekwondo scoring system, according to World Taekwondo, is as follows:

  • Punch to the chest (trunk): 1 point.
  • Kick to the chest (trunk): 2 points.
  • Kick to the head: 3 points
  • Turning kick to the chest (trunk): 4 points.
  • Turning kick to the head: 5 points

The Bottom Line

Taekwondo undoubtedly promotes balanced growth and improvements in our physical and mental health through its unique activities. This is why it won’t be wrong to say that Taekwondo is a way of life. It eventually allows us to lead more confident and rewarding lives. And, it can only be accomplished by understanding the rules and regulations of Taekwondo.

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