Explore Six Mouth-Watering Hakka Foods


Hakka food has attracted food lovers across the globe with its huge variety of mouth-watering foods that offers distinct flavors. You must try any of this Hakka Chinese food while visiting any specific or multi-cuisine restaurants in Scarborough.

Veg Hakka vegetable 

This is perhaps the most popular Hakka dish. Hakka noodles can be prepared with vegetables or meat. It is quick to prepare and simple to eat. In fact, you can order online and enjoy it in the comfort of your home. Noodles are stir-fried in a little amount of oil and mixed with green vegetables and sauces. Originated from the northern region of China, Hakka is popular worldwide because of its distinct flavor and easy preparation method.

Hakka Chinese fried rice 

Originated in China, Hakka Chinese fried rice is now very common in other parts of the world, especially the United States. This dish is used as an appetizer and main course for dinner. You can prepare Hakka Chinese fried rice the way you want. For instance, you can add meat, vegetable, or seafood to give a distinct flavor to Hakka Chinese fried rice. The common ingredients used to prepare Hakka Chinese fried rice include carrots, eggs, onion, rice, soy sauce, and others.

Pork stomach stewed chicken 

This is another mouth-watering Hakka Chinese food. Pork stomach stewed Chicken is directly stuffed in a whole chicken and simmered. It is easily available at hakka restaurant in Scarborough.

Stir-fried vegetable 

In this amazing recipe, the vegetables are stir-fried and served with noodles as an accompaniment to rice. The best part is that the ingredients used in this dish are easily available at most of the homes. This is a perfect fusion of modern and traditional styles of cooking. While visiting a restaurant to try something Hakka Chinese, you must try it.

Crispy Tofu in Chili Sauce

Hakka food is defined by its use of a range of fresh and preserved ingredients along with various spices. One of the most interesting things about Hakka cuisine is it can be adapted to different climates, and this is the reason why it is loved worldwide. Crispy Tofu in Chili sauce is prepared of Tofu, soy sauce, garlic, ginger root paste, dried shrimp, along with vegetables like cabbage and carrots.

Hot and sour soup 

If you want to try something very light and low-calorie, hot and sour soup is right there for you at the Hakka restaurant in Scarborough. This is another must-try Hakka Chinese dish. It is prepared of chicken, pork, cabbage, mushrooms, garlic cloves, green onions, ginger root, rice wine vinegar or soy sauce, etc. Chili peppers are added for spiciness, while vinegar for sourness. At the same time, the orange color comes with carrots added toward the end of cooking time. Since this is also an appetizer, start your dinner with this later order of any of the above Hakka Chinese as the main course.

The final take 

To try the best Hakka cuisine, you don’t have to go anywhere as they can be ordered online from any Hakka Chinese restaurant in Scarborough. You can also pay a visit in person to have a great dining experience.

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