Exquisite Apartments to Rent in Dubai


Dubai’s largest and most prestigious development, the Dubai Marina is set to be the tallest manmade structure in the world when completed. This multi-billion dollar project will provide luxury residence options for individuals, families and businesses. Meydan, the master developer of the Dubai Marina luxury projects has revealed first stage one of his much anticipated luxury residential community at the Dubai Water Canal, offering breathtaking views, luxury living and a wealth of recreational, dining and leisure activities.

Set in the strategic shipping area at the foot of the Jumeirah Beach, Canal Front Residences is a prestigious brand of apartments for elite tenants, offering state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. With spectacular views over the water, the apartments are set on the edge of Dubai’s business district and have easy access to some of Dubai’s best entertainment and shopping malls. Each apartment offers luxurious amenities including a state-of-the-art flat screen television, safety features, state-of-the-art appliances and a choice of six bedroom and two-bedroom units. The buildings are designed with an inverted “V” shape which provides a natural flow from the top to the bottom of the buildings. The layout also provides easy access to all the amenities and views.

Meydan, who is responsible for the designs and construction of the Dubai Marina luxury apartments, has spent extensive time creating a distinctive style for the apartments. The master developer has created two distinct stages in the development, featuring two unique concepts that will set the tone for the luxury residential community. First, the design concept was developed to provide a luxury lifestyle to residents by utilizing the Dubai Marina experience. The design concepts were designed to highlight the waterfront views and intimate lifestyle that residents would enjoy while living in the exclusive area.

Located on Paradise Road, residents of canal front residences will discover the city’s best shopping experiences, restaurants and luxurious amenities. The second concept, known as the waterfront village, will offer residents easy access to Dubai’s water transportation station and will feature a variety of restaurants, shopping venues and beautiful gardens. The master plan, Meydan included several key architectural landmarks, including the world’s first seven-star hotel, as well as a water transport station, making the development a trend-setting model in the Dubai real estate market. The development will also offer residents easy access to Dubai’s cultural attractions, including the Jumeirah Beach, the traditional capital of the United Arab Emirates.

One of the most popular areas in Dubai that has drawn many travelers is the Jumeirah Beach. Located directly on the water, visitors will find it is very easy to access this popular beach from any location in the city. The luxurious Jumeirah Beach Resort was designed to be the most exclusive resort in Dubai with over ten million square feet of space and was completed in 2021. Designed with a tropical garden setting and overlooking the Arabian Desert, Jumeirah Beach offers residents the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

Two additional areas in Dubai that offer residents stunning views are Jumeirah Beach and the Burj Al Arab Hotel. These two areas also contain two-bedroom apartments, perfect for families or couples who are looking for a place to call home. Jumeirah Beach offers visitors the chance to swim in the world’s best waterway, while the Burj Al Arab Hotel offers amazing dining and shopping opportunities. Located on the upper floor of what is considered to be the Dubai top floor, the apartments at the Burj Al Arab provide breathtaking views of the city and its landscape as well as some of the most luxurious apartments to be found anywhere.

If you are planning on relocating to Dubai, one of the places you should definitely look into is the beautiful Dubai apartment rentals. Located in the heart of the city, these canal front residences offer spacious apartments and spacious balconies overlooking the canal. You will also find many amenities that make your stay at one of these apartment rentals in Dubai enjoyable. Many of these apartments offer their residents large living areas complete with televisions, home entertainment systems, and several comfortable seating areas. For those individuals who would prefer larger living space, many of the apartments offer large balconies that overlook the lush oasis of the desert.

Whether you are looking to move in to one of the Dubai apartment rentals in the Dubai Mall or the Jumeirah Beach, you will not be disappointed with the offerings from the Dubai apartments to choose from. Each of the condos and townhouses include many of the same amazing amenities that you will find in luxurious Jumeirah Beach residences, such as two swimming pools, an abundance of restaurants and hotels, as well as a shopping center with hundreds of international brands located right on the water front. These canal front residences are also great for individuals who prefer a more serene environment. The meydan style architecture of the buildings ensures that you will have easy access to the amenities you desire, including a fitness center, a sauna, a heated pool, and a business center. When it comes to living in the middle of the desert, there is nothing better than living in the luxurious surroundings of one of the incredible apartments to rent in Dubai.

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