Starting a Business in Sweden

You must have seen many people around you including your friends, siblings, and other relatives who loved to save money. You might be too one of them. But do you ever try to understand the fact that the money you saved decreases its value with the passage of time? So if you want to keep on saving your money along with increasing it then you should invest it in the right place.

Investing money at the right place can give you profit, and once your business gets settled, it will serve not only you but your generations as well. No matter where you are living, you can create opportunities for yourself. If you think in the country of your residence there are not many possibilities, then you should travel to Sweden as there are a lot of business opportunities in Sweden.

But before investing anywhere, you must have a complete awareness of the possible risks and benefits. Moreover, your connections and interest also matter in this regard. The same things are applicable when you plan to start a business in Sweden. Following are some key factors that you should keep in mind while starting a business in Sweden.

Search for a Great Idea

The first factor that influences your business is your idea. So before starting a business you should have a great idea. If you cannot think of one by yourself, then you should try to search for them. Many search engines are present to help you. Once you get satisfied regarding one idea, then you should check the scope of this idea in Sweden.

You can also check the stats of those businessmen and their businesses who are already working on similar ideas. You can also meet with them and get some handy tips. Statistics Sweden and many trade organizations websites that are active in Sweden can help you a lot in finding a great idea for your business.

Get Permission

Once you have a great idea in front of you, design the entire business plan. Keeping this plan in mind you have to start your business. But this is not that simple, as you have to take permission from the governmental authorities of Sweden to start it. Present your business idea and plans to the authorities and apply for a permit.

You can easily find the details of all those bodies that have to issue the permit.


Once you get the permit to start your business in Sweden you have to register it according to governmental policies. No business can run without a name. You have to think of a suitable and catchy name for your business. While doing so, keep in mind that the name of your business is your first advertisement.

Moreover, the name is also the trademark of any business. So you should get your name registered by authorities. This will help you to keep your name safe and be used by some scammers. In this way, you can prevent your brand name from being misused by someone else. Your permission will be required to use this name by someone else after you get it registered.

Hiring Employees

After registering your name, you have to hire some employees to start your setup. For that purpose, always make sure that you are hiring employees legally. Make sure that your employees have all the essential qualities that are required for your business.

No matter if you are hiring local residents or immigrants, keep in mind that if you are hiring immigrants then they must be in Sweden via the legal process.

Residential Criteria

For making an investment in Sweden and starting a business, you have to live there. For this purpose, the government has proper criteria. You have to apply for a business visa and then you must be qualified for it according to governmental requirements. If you already have citizenship of Sweden, then you have to just show the source of investment and you can get a permit for doing so. Immigrants and asylum seekers living there can also start their own businesses.

So above are some key factors, don’t ignore any one of them whenever trying to start a business in Sweden.

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