Bingo is a favorite pastime of many people. So why not try your luck with bingo at midnight? You can still enjoy the game and have some family fun while staying up late!

Bingos are typically played in two different times: morning sessions for those who want to get their day started off on an early note, or evening ones that run later into night-time hours; but Bingo casino has you covered if mornings aren’t exactly hitting high notes in line their preferred sleeping schedule – they’ve got this monthlong event called “Midnightbingo” happening right now which starts every Monday until December 31st (and then resumes again starting January 1).

Many long-time readers of this blog know I’m an avid bingo player. Despite all my losses, it just feels wrong not to give in and play–the only downside is that sometimes there are so many people playing at once which makes things difficult on your poor little brain!

The cost of Midnight Bingo is $30 and includes all the game packs you need to participate in from 11:30 p.m., so this means that for one evening, players have access to more than 1,000 different cards with some great prizes on them!

I can’t say enough good things about Shockers Bingo. It’s the best way to spend an evening with friends and it’ll be even better next time you visit!

I’m usually a very late sleeper, but this weekend my new bingo bag came in handy when we went out as usual – the only difference is there were even more prizes than before since I used all different types of balls instead of just ones that are white or black like traditional games require.

We ended up finishing around 3 a.m., and I had one win at our table! We were able to pay for more than just the set of bingo packs we bought tonight–it was perfect timing because that would have been too much by ourselves, but now there’ll be no problem getting what’s leftover from this nice little haul in terms on cash/cards (we’ve got some Plastic).

I’ve never seen so many people at a kiddie concert! There was a good-size crowd there, and we were one of them. It wasn’t something that would be frequented every week or anything but just once for an evening out with the family can really change your perspective on things when nothing else is happening…

There has been this thing going around lately where younger generations need entertainment options other than bars – which I totally agree with because they’re courting their future customers early enough as it should already feel natural by now (I’m 31). So coming here tonight felt different from any other time: You know those kids will always love music no matter what era. 

When you have a suggestion for something fun to do in Wichita, don’t hesitate to email us! We’re always looking for new ideas and love hearing from our readers.

Bingo is a favorite pastime of many people. So why not try your luck with bingo at midnight? You can still enjoy the game and have some family fun while staying up late!  It’s always exciting to play new games, especially when you get to do it in an unconventional way like midnight bingo. If you’re looking for something that’ll keep you entertained even after bedtime – this event has got what it takes! The best part about all this is that Midnightbingo runs on Mondays until December 2nd so there are plenty more chances left before the end of 2018 if you want to give them a go. Don’t wait around any longer- try out these sessions today and see how much fun they bring.

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