Far Infrared Rays Technology – Learn About Its Benefits In Sleep

Far Infrared Rays Technology - Learn About Its Benefits In Sleep
Far Infrared Rays Technology - Learn About Its Benefits In Sleep

Far Infrared technology is not new. It has been used in several industries such as performance wear, footwear, apparel, veterinary products, and furniture textiles. Looking at its sleep-inducing effects, it is now increasingly used in the manufacture of types of mattresses, bedding, and sleep accessories. 

These rays can enter, calm, and stimulate the body, thereby making it more rejuvenated and energized. In this article, we will learn more about far-infrared rays and their impact on sleep. 

Benefits Of Using Far Infrared Rays Technology-Based Mattress

Technology has been consistently evolving. This has led to the creation of new technologies in the mattress industry. Far infrared rays technology is one of the recent introductions in this field. Due to their potential to relax, energize the body and improve sleep quality, a mattress made using this technology is rated as the best mattress of 2022 in the market.  

Far Infrared rays help in the “active recovery” of the body. Mattress covers that use this technology are seen to harness and reprocess the natural energy of the body throughout the sleep cycle. 

Here are some important benefits of sleeping on mattresses that utilize this performance technology:

  • Helps increase the local blood circulation for a temporary period
  • Helps accelerate the recovery rate of a sleeper
  • This leads to a peaceful sleep
  • Improves the overall well-being of the sleeper

What Is The Fundamental Principle On Which Far Infrared Technology Is Based? 

Now let us understand how Far Infrared Rays technology impacts our body, mind and sleep. This technology works on the principle that states “heat is energy”. Conduction, radiation, and convection are the three ways in which energy is naturally and safely transferred from the human body to other objects and vice versa. 

The energy transfer process utilizes a thermo-reactive procedure that assists in the conversion of body heat into “far infrared rays”. These rays are securely recycled again into the body in the form of energy. The reflection of these rays is not capable of generating heat and so will not raise the temperature of the bed.

How Safe Is It To Use Far Infrared Rays Technology?

It has now become clear how far Infrared rays technology works and helps promotes quality sleep. A lot of people want to know whether these rays are safe for the human body or not. Studies have proved that far-infrared rays cause no harm to the body when it comes in contact with it. 

This technology comprises a natural process that securely propagates invisible energy waves back into the body. These rays work as a natural vasodilator that promotes a momentary increase in the circulation of blood within the body. 

For this technology to work on the body doesn’t require the skin to come in direct contact with the fabric. The Far Infrared Rays produced by the fabric of the mattress cover have the potential to penetrate materials that are up to two inches in width. 

This includes blankets, sheets, mattress protectors, encasements, sleepwear, etc. This implies that even if your body doesn’t come in contact with the fabric, the rays can pass through it to the body provided the thickness of the fabric is a maximum of two inches. 

How To Buy The Best Mattress With Responsive Textiles?

There are a few important things that you need to consider when shopping for the right mattress:

  • Where the average temperature of the human body is 91 degrees, the ideal temperature for sleep is 88 degrees. So, choose the mattress that is infused with advanced cooling technology to advanced creates a temperature-neutral environment.
  • It is important to understand that “one size fits all” doesn’t work in mattresses. Everyone’s shape, size, and sleep preferences are different. This implies that you should look for a mattress that suits your sleep requirements. 
  • Go for hybrid construction. Hybrid mattresses are characterized by having a combination of foam and individually encased coils. These coils provide a premium level of comfort as well as deep compression support. 

Plus, hybrids offer improved and targeted relief on pressure points. Not just individually enclosed coils are long-lasting, but they also ensure improved air circulation. This leads to a comfortable sleep. 


Far infrared technology plays a significant role in promoting restful sleep in a person. In addition to improving sleep quality, this technology also enhances the overall well-being and productivity of the person. So, if you haven’t used this technology yet, why not give it a try when considering types of mattresses.

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