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Alaska brown bear hunt prices
Alaska brown bear hunt prices

Bear hunting season occurs in both fall and spring in some areas but only in fall in other regions. It is banned to kill cubs and female bears with offspring. Non-resident brown bear hunters must be accompanied by a guide or Alaska resident. The Alaska brown bear hunt prices are depended on the amenities provided by the Nushagak guide service in Alaska.

Hunting is mainly done in the lowlands of rivers and streams, full of returning sockeye and silver salmon.

The Alaska brown bear will feed on the salmon to gain the necessary weight to go into hibernation. After feeding, the bears will sit on thick alder plants. This is where you can camp; These bedding regions have been beneficial for hunters over the years as brown bears move away from rivers. More giant and older bears are often the first to hide in dense alder forest, often returning in broad daylight.

Hunters will prevent bears from moving about in their feeding areas. The average day for a salmon-feeding brown bear is spent sitting by the river. When doing this, you must control your activities.

When you hear a big brown bear chasing salmon in the river splashing water, it’ll make the hair stand up on your neck as it’s about to spin the bend you’re sitting on!

Bowhunting can be very successful in the valleys of the Alaska state, as maximum streams start from an underground spring. As salmon move up these systems, they reach a last point in the stream and accumulate hundreds. It makes an ideal area to hunt. Many hunters hunted a lot of brown bears with bows in this area.

Alaska brown bear hunt prices consist of various hunting rates; some of them include the charges of logistics and operating. Few hunting packages include transportation of trophies to the camp, so those packages are expensive than others.

Physical Fitness and Limitations of the Huntsman

This is possibly the most significant factor! Grizzly bear hunting and Spring brown bear hunting are both more physically demanding. Most brown bears will be in the mountains. During the fall season, they will be on the banks of rivers. Hunting in the Fall season involves sitting more when waiting for a bear to get closer. In the spring, you will do more hill climbing and glassing. So Physical fitness is necessary for a successful Alaska brown bear hunt in these mountain and lowland areas of the Peninsula.

Hair Quality

Fall bears have, on average shorter hair than spring brown bears or grizzlies. However, autumn bears have similarly long hairs, which are usually free from rubbing. Many fall bears have much finer skins than spring bears. You should watch the spring bear closely to confirm it hasn’t been rubbed off by lying in a den or sliding up and down mountains in the snow. In good hunting conditions, the spring brown bear is a better trophy than others.


Weather plays a significant role in your hunting. In theory, while spring weather is generally better than fall, you can expect and see lousy weather on both spring and fall brown bear or grizzly bear hunts. A late colder spring with deep snow will allow the bear to stay in the den longer. If so, you won’t see so many bears. Bad weather during the fall hunt will include strong winds with heavy rain; in this climatic situation, the bears lying in thick alder trees.

Fishing in Alaska

With bear hunting, you can also enjoy fishing in rivers, seas, and lakes. Alaska offers some of the most fantastic saltwater, freshwater, and also ice fishing in the world. It can be as simple as pulling up on the side of the road and forming a line, or you can rent a floatplane or boat to take you to a different fishing location where you can fish of more than 600 species. Various types of fish such as king salmon, grayling, trout, arctic char, halibut, pike, and Dolly Varden live in this peninsula water region.

Alaska offers lodgings that meet the needs of the piscator, from rustic camping to all-inclusive luxury lodges and everything in between. If you don’t have much time for a whole fishing package, book one of the suitable half-day or single-day fishing tours available in Alaska.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get the best adventure in Alaska. Plan a hunting and fishing trip to Alaska and enjoy the camping and hunting with an experienced guide.

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