Five Stunning Custom Light Decorations Ideas for Wedding Ceremonies


Decoration in a wedding ceremony is incomplete without correct lighting. The perfect lighting sets the space’s tone and creates the desired ambiance. Whether it is outdoor or indoor marriage, the perfect lighting is essential. An amateur may place a few strings of lights here and there, but that doesn’t bring the desired outcome. Perfect lightning reflects the elegant and authentic look in the space. 

A person who does the lighting work must understand that the lights are the soul that brings life to the space. Gorgeous lights also play an essential role in good wedding pictures. If you place sparkling lights at the wrong location, it may ruin the pictures. Placing the rights at the correct location is also an art. If you want to learn more about lightening ideas and processes, please read-

  1. Choose lightening type

Exploring different types of lightning and choosing the best one is the first task. For that, you have to choose the specific areas you want to highlight. If you want to highlight the floor and ceiling, use gobo lights. Another option is to jazz up the bar area with led marquee letter lights that you can rent from a reputed company in Tulsa, OK. This way, you can also ensure cost-effective lightning as you don’t have to buy marquee letters. You can also choose bistro lightning for such cost-effective solutions, which highlights every corner effectively. Also, you can choose different lighting for the aisle, backdrop, and other areas. 

  • Lights at centerpiece

Tea lights are attractive options for the centerpiece. However, you can try various options to decorate the table, such as string lights and flowers. You can also twist the lights with green leaves to create a chic look. The centerpiece could be filled with fairy lights and lanterns for an outdoor wedding. However, you can try a unique idea of placing white marquee letters with lights readily available for rent in Tulsa, OK. You can place any marquee letter, for instance, “LOVE,” or initials of names, etc. This mind-blowing idea can brighten up the dining space to make it thrilling.  

  • Candle lighting

The candle never loses its importance; however, it goes best with the events in the dusk. Fill your aisle with flowers and candles for a dreamy look. It would also serve as the best entrance for the bride. Try installing a dazzling backdrop with candles all around. If you want to increase the dramatic look, use a chandelier with candles. 

  • Lightning ideas for wedding tents

Candle flames are not suitable for wedding tents. Led lights could be the best option to light up the wedding tents. Instead of real candles, you can use led candles that flicker. If possible, place it in lanterns to enhance the effect. String lights are another suitable option that can cover the vast tent area under budget. Another option to jazz up the lightning under the tent is through the chandelier. It can glam up the tent effortlessly, adding a dash of glamour to the decoration. Fairy tales also glam up the tent if suspended beautifully. They produce a glowing impact in the tent. 

  • String lights never ditch

String lights are the most affordable option and perfect for outdoor or indoor weddings. If you have planned your event in the evening, string lights can brighten up the space effectively. String lights are soft and graceful. You can also clutter it in a bottle and use it as a decorative material. You can place these bottles in the corner of the stage along with flowers.

Custom light decoration for a wedding will not haunt you if you follow the points mentioned above that all professionals suggest in Tulsa, OK

Key Takeaways

Decorative lightning requires a sharp eye to envision the space and analyze everything to achieve the best result. You can face problems initially, but you can successfully brighten up the space after spending a little time with this task. Many companies render their service to rent led marquee letter lights for people like you in Tulsa, OK. However, make sure you rent the lights only from a trusted source. 

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