Food Serving Games:

Food Serving Games

Are you proficient enough to manage a restaurant? Now, you have ways to find out whether you are really a perfect candidate for that. Check out the top Food Serving Games which has made in the hotlist and thus, serve food to you. Just have a look!!

(1) Food Street- Restaurant Game:

In Food Street Game, you can build, design and decorate your own restaurant, diner, bakery or café.

You as the Head Chef, is in charge of your very own cooking business and restaurant story, and thus, you need to farm, garden, create and bake, in this Food Serving Game. You can ornament and modernize your own café, bakery, food truck or diner.

In a fun 3D restaurant, and a cooking city which is filled with a world of delightful characters, you need to cook food, farm your own ingredients in your garden, and thus, complete original recipes. As you run your own kitchen as Head Chef in a beautiful world, you can design unique dishes and serve food for all your customers. Also, in order to attract diners in this Food Serving Game, you can also adopt fun and cute pets.

Therefore, you get a chance to cook for tons of hungry customers, by designing your garden, café, diner, restaurant, or bakery. Not only do you relish endless cooking fun, but also you can master cooking and restaurant management skills once you give a try to this top notch Food Serving Game.

(2) Cooking Tale- Food Serving Game: 

You get an opportunity to test your time management skills by cooking and serving delicious food as a top chef once you play this Food Serving Game, Cooking Tale for free. Every time with a new café, coffee shop, diner or bakery, you need to travel and explore various towns. You will encounter new restaurants with new recipes as well as idiosyncratic customers to deal with, with every new episode on the map. Also, point to be noted is that even a thief or a surprising illusionist may also stop by.

Your target is to reach the maximum speed and skills in this compulsive Food Serving Game. Although your kitchen is fully equipped with all the utensils that you would require, you can always get more advanced and useful ones in the shop. Just take orders, cook and serve dishes and ameliorate your tools to the best. So just roll up your sleeves, prepare yourself for cooking, and make customers happy while facing various challenges in dash. Thus, you have a chance to become the greatest chef ever in Cooking Tale, the best Food Serving Game, once you get through the hysteria.

Simulation Games:

Now, have a look at some of the best Simulation Games, which follow a particular system or phenomenon. They are so designed that it helps to build a sense of competition among the players while also enabling them to apply the concepts they learnt in classes. Just have a look!!

Emergency HQ: Rescue strategy:-

Emergency HQ is basically a rescue simulation game. You can take control of any emergency units like fire, ambulance, hospital, police, SWAT, and other technical services. You not only need to consign and command personnel and vehicles, but also you need to head up operations of crimes, rescues, medical and catastrophe management. You are required to fight fires, save lives, rescue animals, fight terrorists and much more by controlling firefighters, doctors, police officers, paramedics, EMTs, and also Special Forces. Put together the perfect emergency services team, by building up your base properly. Also, expand your headquarters, and touch up your hospitals, fire trucks, and other units and buildings. Thus, if you really want to master the many exciting and challenging missions of this exciting Simulation Games, make use of the Rescue Services, Police Department, Fire Department, and other technical units.

Key Takeaway:

Now, that you are no stranger to the top Food Serving Games as well as Simulation Games, Why wait any longer? Just download any of these games readily available on Play store, and gift yourself some wonderful moments upon which you can really cherish on.


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