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Four Common Mistakes Lawyers Make With SEO

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Many changes have been happening in a short period of time in the legal world. While some of these changes might be considered good, others might have very negative consequences. One area that has impacted the legal world is SEO. When starting a law firm, an attorney may use SEO value to position themselves as the go-to option for their researched area of law and form partnerships with individuals or firms within that industry. However, this tactic can become problematic when they offer services outside of their expertise level.


The main objective of SEO for Lawyers is to have a legal website that is designed with the correct keywords and keyword combinations. If your site has the correct words in its content, it will be easier for people searching for something specific on Google to find your website. This will lead to increased traffic and more leads for you.


Common Mistake One: Blogging Too Late


One of the best times to get started on a blog is as soon as you think about starting one. Consulting experts and doing your research can help you choose a specific niche that is useful for your business – using keywords that will relate to the information content of your posts. An article that contains adjectives and longer, more descriptive sentences will have higher search results because it’s less competitive.


Common Mistake Two: Not Using On-Page SEO


People sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that going through one website, updating one website, and then doing the same thing with others is enough to pick up signals. This strategy can be fruitful in a time frame of less than a week but quickly fades in terms of gains and competitive effectiveness over time.


Common Mistake Three: Not Optimizing Title Tags


A title tag is the part of a website’s source code that always appears in bold blue text on its tab and it can contain a variety of information. For example, the title tag might contain the name of your law firm, or your lawyers website handle. The purpose of the title tag is to describe what your page content is about. Without getting too technical here, title tags have a particular standardized weight and length you need to follow so that people can find you when searching for a specific topic relevant to searched keywords on board including “DUI” or “Real Estate”.


Common Mistake Four: Having Proper Intent


No one is perfect but the mistakes we make in SEO can set us back considerably. Today, it’s more important than ever for lawyers to establish and maintain a strong online presence by optimizing their websites for SEO. One mistake that professionals can easily make is focusing on expense instead of intent. There are lots of resources such as free word-of-mouth marketing tools, blog posts and webinars available nationally as well as internationally that can help businesses reach new clients or inform current ones about important changes at their law firm.


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