Four Myths About Psychotherapy and Its Realities

Licensed Professional Counselor in AZ
Licensed Professional Counselor in AZ

Many people have skeptical views about psychotherapy, and there is also a stigma attached to people going through psychotherapy treatment. This Is because there is a lack of awareness about mental health disorders and their treatment. Although mental disorders have become common in America, only a few know that they are dealing with mental illness.

A statistical report of a national health organization reveals that 4% of adults in America have suicidal thoughts. The number has increased after the pandemic as many people have faced a lot of issues during and after the pandemic. That’s why it is important to break myths about psychotherapies and increase awareness so that more people can take the first step towards treatment. Some common myths are mentioned below-

    1. Psychologically weak people need therapy

This is the common myth that people who take psychotherapy sessions are mentally weak or not sound minds. This is absolutely not true; people who visit a psychotherapist are the ones who need support to overcome any traumatic experience, transition in life, or struggle in a troubled relationship. They aren’t mentally weak; they only suffer from anxiety, lack of confidence, stress during or after passing through the overwhelming situation. Every one of us faces stress and anxiety, but some incidence has a drastic impact on our lives; that’s why the level of anxiety or stress increases. An individual suffering from anxiety can get back to normal after consulting with a licensed professional counselor in Arizona.

    1. Psychotherapy is always talking therapy

Many people have this myth that psychotherapy is just talk therapy; you have to tell every detail of a daunting incident, over and over again. You may have seen it in movies, TV shows or experienced indirect psychotherapy and formed a typical opinion about it. But, there are various other therapies that are more structured such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Many therapists use EMDR therapy and other methods for anxiety in Phoenix, Arizona, to resolve mental disorders.

    1. Psychotherapy can work in one session

If you have seen this working in movies, it doesnt apply to real life. Psychotherapy shows its effect after a few sessions; your therapist may work on a schedule to bring about the effectiveness of therapies. These schedules are designed per your convenience so that you don’t have to miss any sessions. Psychotherapy can work after four to five sessions, but its impact is long-lasting. You can learn various coping skills to manage any life situation to overcome anxiety, depression, trauma, etc. During psychotherapy sessions, you will receive certified psychotherapists’ support, care, and helping hand. The coping skills are designed to work in everyday life in the moment.

    1. Psychotherapy means medical treatment

This is the common myth; psychotherapy may or may not involve medical treatment; it depends on the case. Sometimes, medications are recommended and a therapist will coordinate care with one’s psychiatrist to ensure the he or she is getting complete care.


Psychotherapy can help someone dealing with anxiety, trauma, depression due to various life-situation such as divorce, harsh childhood memories, abuse, etc. If you believe any myth regarding psychotherapy, get clarity on it by talking to a therapist.

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