Fuel Leaks From the Fuel Injector

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According to the doorstep car service in Pune depending on the malfunction, diesel injectors can also leak light or heavy. In the first case, repairs will be needed. In the second, you can easily fix it by grinding the needle to the saddle. The nozzle flows because of a seal failure in the area of the needle end, also known as a sealing cone.

The tightening of the butt lapping can also be quickly checked by gradually increasing the fuel pressure. The end atomizer must remain entirely dry while reaching a value that is up to 10 kgf / cm2 less than the needed injection pressure.

If there is an appearance of leakage in the diesel injector, then careful lapping of the needle to the seat should be carried out. For utilizing this, a thing grinding paste GOI is used, which is additionally diluted with kerosene. During such a lapping process, it is recommended to avoid getting the paste into the gap that exists between the needle and the guide sleeve. In the end, all elements are cleaned using kerosene or pure diesel fuel, and then they are cleaned using appropriate napkins. Alongside, it is required to blow all parts with compressed air and re-check for leaks.

Diagnostics and adjustment of diesel injectors

A regular issue is a loose fit of the nozzle needle in the guide sleeve. Whenever the density gets reduced, more fuel passes through the resulting gap between the needle and bushing. For a good injector, fuel leakage is allowed no more than 4% of the total amount of fuel that is supplied to the engine cylinder. The entire amount of fuel that is drained from various injectors for each separate period should not differ significantly. Moreover, you can quickly identify deviations from the norm using the following actions:

  • It is required to tighten the injector spring so that the needle opening pressure parameter coincides with that mentioned in the manual on the operation of a specific diesel engine. Otherwise, you may need to visit a car repair in Pune.
  • The next step is to form a deliberately higher fuel pressure than indicated in the manual for the internal combustion engine operation. Moreover, you also need to align with a stopwatch the time during which the pressure will drop by 50 kgf / cm2 from the recommended.

The optimum pressure drop time is mentioned in the manual of the engine operation. Usually, it takes around 15 seconds for completely new nozzles. For an element with mileage, such an indicator is within 5 seconds.

If you shift the needle guide about 45 degrees, then the needle should appear out no more than than a third of the guide’s length. The needle should come out freely, under its weight, and taking any rotation around the axis into account. The particular bushing-needle pair is replaced in case of significant deviations in work. Changing the needle without replacing the guide sleeve is not recommended, as these parts fit together with high precision.

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