Get To Know the Gender of Your Baby with Some of the Simple Tests


Today, people are eager to get what they want as soon as possible, from their parcel delivery to food delivery. Similarly, they need to see their baby as soon as they hear the pregnancy news.

Knowing about the gender of the baby is one of the most exciting parts for most parents-to-be. A long wait for the ultrasound makes them impatient, so in such cases, there are various tests like Gender blood test, Sneak peek gender blood test, and baby gender predictor can help these parents. 

Mostly the baby genitals become clear after 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, so doctors suggest an ultrasound after 20 weeks. However, some parents could not hold on to their excitement, so they prefer alternate tests at an early pregnancy stage. 

What is a gender blood test?

One of the main reasons for getting a gender test is not just to know the gender of the baby, but with these tests, you can know a lot about your baby’s health.  

Secondly, a blood test is also done to avoid any other prenatal testing because many people have adopted a non-prenatal test in the case of female fetuses. However, the only thing you will miss out on in this test is the clear images and videos of the baby. 

Usually, people prefer a gender blood test to determine the sex of the baby, which also helps to know that the baby is safe and not developing any severe genetic disease. This test can be done during the early pregnancy stage at seven weeks.  

What is a sneak peek gender blood test? 

A sneak peek test is yet another way for all the excited parents to know the gender of their baby. Basically, there are two types of sneak peek tests;

  • Sneak peek clinical test: A sneak peek gender blood test is performed in a lab, and your blood is collected from your veins. This test is done in a sterile lab, so the results are more accurate. 
  • Another type is sneak peek test done at home. You can take this test once you cross eight weeks of pregnancy, even better if you try after 12 weeks. 
  • Lastly, no matter what test you are doing, getting it done in a lab under professionals for better and accurate results would be recommended.   

How does a sneak peek gender test actually work? 

This method is known as non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), which is safe for both the mother and the baby. A sneak peek test is to determine the presence of male DNA, that is, Y chromosomes. 

The pregnant lady needs to give her blood sample, and later if Y chromosomes are alone present, it suggests a boy, and if Y chromosomes are not found, then it suggests a girl.  

What is a baby gender predictor?  

Deciding on what color you should carry on with for your little one coming soon, whether a blue one or pink one. Then waiting for just 17 weeks would give you the news that you are carrying a girl or a boy inside you.

Besides the heartbeat rate of the baby, the movement, or any other old traditional saying, there are many other fun things you can try to know the gender of your baby. The baby gender predictor helps to get accurate results about the baby’s gender. 

This test is about:

· The physical and emotional changes of the body of pregnant mothers, 

· The change of birth date calculation, 

· Ancient knowledge

· Superstitious methods and many more. 

Make sure to use the baby gender predictor according to your personal needs and choices. 

Here is a list of some of the baby gender prediction traditions from all over the world:

· French gender prediction

· Moroccan gender prediction 

· Brazilian gender prediction 

· Mayan gender prediction 

· Chinses gender prediction

· Some of the well-known old-age gender predictions are; morning sickness, sweet and salty pregnancy cravings, the pendulum gender prediction test, and many more. 


knowing the gender of the baby is fun, and it has been in trend. However, most of them might not give 100% accurate results when conducted at home. 

Getting a test in a clinic under the supervision of medical experts and professionals can give you better results.   

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