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Best Tips Get Your Snapchat Streak Back Hack

get your Snapchat streak back hack

If you are looking for the best tips to get your Snapchat streak back hack then you have come to the right place. When I was using Snapchat one day, I accidentally deleted a bunch of pictures from my account. When I contacted Snap Chat support, they sent me the link to get my message for help. I was like “WTF” at this point and started to panic. I had no idea what to do.

Response email with two attachments:

The first thing that Snap Chat Support showed me was an email address in their database. I quickly followed it and looked it up. It was actually an email address that I had used before but it was new to me so I thought it might be helpful. So I sent them an email asking what I needed to do to get my account back.

They sent me a response email with two attachments, one that claimed to be from a hacker who claimed to have the password to my account but I had no idea how it worked. After downloading one of the attachments, I opened it and was amazed at what I found inside. There were no names, no address, no phone numbers, and no images in the attachment.

I quickly realized this hacker had probably stolen my email account and was trying to access my other ones as well. In my hurry, I didn’t check the attachment to see if there were any images. I was worried about the fact that there were so many images and I was afraid that someone was trying to do some personal harm. Before I deleted the attachment, I decided to take a minute to read the screen shot of the attachment. After reading the screen shot I felt satisfied that there was nothing harmful in the screen shot.

Get my snapchat streak back hack:

So I removed the screen shot and I didn’t think about it for a few minutes. I went back online and started searching for information on the “how to get your snapchat streak back hack”. I started searching but all I found were posts asking users for their passwords. It was getting old and I knew that I wasn’t going to find the answers I was looking for anytime soon.

Then I noticed that there was a new version of Snapchat available to everyone and I decided to go ahead and test it out. I downloaded the newest version, downloaded and installed it, and within minutes I had my whole account locked and nobody could log in or change anything. I immediately contacted support and explained what happened. They recommended that I create a new account. I did that and was able to create a new secure account with ease.

All I needed to do to get my snapchat get your Snapchat streak back hack was to access the secure server where everything was located. I used a web browser and was able to connect to my account right away. The web browser also has a “ping” feature that will send a message to the server without letting them know you are online. This was so convenient because I didn’t have to wait for support to get back to me. I was able to get into my account and change all of the settings including my screen names.


I was able to return to my normal life after that. I still use Snapchat everyday but I have learned my lesson. Nowadays, when I get online I check my email first and trending news hub then come online to see if Snapchat is on. If it is, I open it up and take a look at the latest updates. If I see something that I don’t like, I remove it from my account immediately. It’s made my life so much easier since I know that if something is wrong I can find out right away.

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