Government Jobs vs Private Jobs: Which is Better?


The tussle between choosing between government jobs and private jobs is not new. Every student after completing their formal education, jump into the struggle where some believe that a government job is better. At the same time, other says a private job has better opportunities and career growth.

Though no one can give a perfect answer to this question as both government jobs and private jobs, both have their own advantages and disadvantages.  It is up to you which sector you want to go to boost your career, and no one can give you advice about the same. People can only tell you about the pros and cons, but only you can choose the best for you.

In this article, we will look closely into both the government jobs and the private jobs in India.

1. Salary

Government jobs in India are often seen as prestigious and offer a higher salary than private jobs. Job security is also good in government jobs compared to private jobs. While the job security in private jobs is not so good, if you talk about salary then also it is more fluctuating in private sectors. One thing that gives private jobs an edge over government jobs is that growth in the private sector depends on your performance.

2. Job Benefits

The government jobs offer more complementary benefits like medical coverage, insurance services, paid trips, and much more. Private services also provide some perks to their employees, but that depends on your position in the enterprise. Private companies do not invest in employee insurance or other perks that government jobs do. 

3. Office hours/Work-life balance

Private sector jobs offer many advantages, including the opportunity to work in a variety of industries and the ability to set your hours. You can even switch your jobs based on your requirement, you are not obliged to stay in one company forever. On the other hand, a government job is a little restricted in these things, you cannot change your job as per your need. Once you are selected for one position you can’t switch your position unless your department heads approve your request.

4. Ease of getting jobs

It is a very complicated process to get a government job, first, you have to clear prelims and then advance and final interview. It is very tough to get a government job in India. The jobs in government departments depend on vacancies, and openings have to appear on national-level exams. As compared to government jobs, private jobs are much easier to get. Good communication skills and good grades often help to land private jobs.

5. Post-retirement benefits

It is everyone’s dream to live a king-size life post-retirement. Government jobs offer various post-retirement benefits in India like good pension, gratuity, provident fund, medical insurance, and much more. No such post-retirement benefits are available in the private sector. Some MNCs do provide some post-retirement benefits, but they are also less than the benefits provided by government jobs.

The top job opportunities available are IAS, IPS, IES, RBI, etc., while top jobs in the private sectors are corporate lawyer, Doctor, Marketing Manager, etc.

Both private jobs and government jobs have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is all your choice which way of life attracts you more or in which sector you enjoy life most. You should be the only one deciding which type of job you want or what’s an expectation from your job. If you are looking for stability or security, then government jobs are for you. But if you wish to fast growth in your professional life, then private jobs are for you. 

Englishvaani suggests you choose the jobs where you can maintain a proper work-life balance. You should never feel exhausted while performing your job whether you are in the government or private sector.

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