Helping Your Child Cope in the New Learning Environment

Helping Your Child Cope in the New Learning Environment

In this day and age, schools and other educational institutions are switching to online platforms. Because of the worldwide pandemic, they have shut their doors to face-to-face classes and set their foot into a new learning environment. Students are grappling with adjustments with the transition from in-person to online classes, not knowing how to cope up in this new educational system.

This transition to digital learning is especially hard for children in their preschool to elementary years. These phases are crucial for their growth, in terms of how they will be honing their skills, talents, and develop their understanding of the state people are living in. They will be needing full guidance from adults so they will not suffer from setbacks. So the first step to a successful learning process for children would be having to cope up with the new learning environment using digital platforms.

Moreover, as a parent, you always want your child to have the best learning experience. And with this transition, they might have a hard time adapting to utilizing online platforms. You can be able to help them by planning a routine together and always check in with them while encouraging them to express their actual feelings. You can also try to make learning fun for your children like personalizing areas to help them enjoy studying. Also, of course, you have to include taking a break into your routine. Sitting in front of your computer for hours may be as exhausting as spending your whole day in school. With this, you have to consider taking a rest at certain times too.

These are some of the ways to help your children cope in this kind of learning environment. And in this article, you will be able to know how and understand why these are essential. Read on.

Plan a Routine Together

Having an everyday routine can make your day organized and well-ordered. You already know the flow of what your day would be. Children will feel more confident in going through their day when they are familiar with their daily activities. Once they keep doing these things according to schedule, they will for sure be comfortable with it and adjust to the environment well.

Every child is unique and it is essential to know what’s best for them. Use the activities you plan for everyday as learning opportunities. You can use a checklist to be able to focus, or a chart to list down all the things you need to do and the time you need to be able to do them. Consistently doing this will help your children grow on it and get used to the process. Additionally, try to create a routine with the same schedule as they had when they were still attending face-to-face classes. Meaning to say, same wake-up time, and same time in going to school. This can be effective to practice, so their momentum in studying can be built up.

It is also important to build a routine that is realistic and intentional. Carrying out new learning styles without looking at them from a child’s perspective would not be effective. They are unfamiliar to the students and might cause them anxiety. With this, you need to consider how practical the routine would be. And since these practices help the children adapt to the new setting in the digital platform, it is really recommended to make it ideal and friendly for them. 

Ultimately, always fill the routine with fun activities that children will surely enjoy. This will motivate them to follow the practices, and spend the rest of their days doing the same things over and over again.

Always Check In With Your Child and Open Conversations

Coping up in this kind of transition might be difficult for children to experience. With this, constantly checking up on them would be highly recommended. Each child’s reactions to certain things are all different, so you must try to look from their perspective and understand what might be troubling them. Having your children express their feelings towards certain things will make them feel comfortable and at ease.

You must not neglect and contempt their concerns, and make sure to acknowledge what they are trying to express. Show to them that you are willing to listen by giving them your full attention.

Practicing this measure of constantly striking up conversations with them can make them feel at ease while coping with the new learning environment. They will be able to share their thoughts freely and understand that they can talk to you, and their teachers as well, whenever they like.

Also, remember that online classes are only successful when communication is effective. Thus, practicing this kind of habit may help them with their learning experiences as well.

Try to Make Learning Fun for Your Child

You should understand that the learning environment now would be very difficult, as compared to the ones held in school. It might be hard to adapt at first, but certain measures can make it work.

For your child to be motivated and enjoy attending their online classes, it is essential to add up a little spice to their learning process. One of the things to make this possible is to design a space that can help your children become interested and focused during their classes. A space in which they can feel that learning can be fun even at home.

Give Your Child A Break (and yourself, too!)

As mentioned at the introduction, just sitting in front of the computer and listening to the teachers for hours may be as tiring as spending the whole day in school. They can be overwhelmed with the amount of information they receive. In fact, teachers do not want their students to be frustrated with learning, so they allot so much time in making the lessons interesting for them, and activities that will bring up a better mood in class. Thus, when they think information might be too difficult for students to grasp, they stop the activities and discussions and give them a break.

It is also alright to let the children continue at their own pace, giving them the freedom to study and learn on their own. Studying is not a race, because as long as efforts are made, progress can be evident.

And you, as a parent, need to take a rest even once in a while. Your children can already do things on their own. The only job you have left is to give them your utmost support to motivate them to do better in school.

Key Takeaway

Despite the difficult experiences each child goes through because of the shift to a new learning environment, remember that it is still an effective way of learning. Coping up may be tough and different for each child. But as a parent, you just have to give them your full and utmost support in this situation, especially in their learning experience. You help them by planning a routine together, opening conversations and constantly talking to them, trying to make learning fun for them, and giving them a break, if necessary, as well.

If these things are regularly done, there is no doubt that your child will be able to adjust in this setting while having to enjoy learning at home too.

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