Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Imported Succulents!

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Indoor plants improve the microclimate and serve as a unique decoration of the surrounding space. Succulents are widespread and easy-to-care plants. Externally, they are very diverse-from graphic echeverias with giant rosettes of thick leaves to tall cactus-like species.

Getting To Know Succulents

Aloe veraYou may have already heard about this plant. It is often added to cosmetics. Aloe vera has long, tongue-like leaves that release a sticky, thick juice when cut open. It can be used to lubricate burns or inflamed skin. Medium-sized aloe grows well in pots on the kitchen windowsill, and it’s convenient to have it handy in case of a burn: just cut off a leaf and apply its pulp to the skin.
Fat woman, or money treeIn China, it is believed that such a tree brings happiness and new friends. It is used in feng shui (how to arrange things in the house to create harmony). The money tree lives for many years.
Low-growing succulents.These are small spherical plants. Just choose the ones that you like based on the color and shape of the leaves.

Buying Tips

You can buy Monroe online in Canada comfortably and smoothly. Buying this plant online is accompanied by comfort and ease. You just have to visit the website, choose the plant, and place your order. The seller processes your order quickly, allowing you to get the purchased plants at the specified time. If you don’t know much about Monroe, don’t get worried. The sales executives will provide you with detailed information about the plant and help make an informed decision.

Small succulents can be about the size of a thumb or a fist. Often they are sold by the piece. So you can immediately choose the ones that you like. The leaves should be dense and elastic, without cuts and not flaccid. If the stem base near the ground is too wet or rotten, do not buy such a plant: its roots are damaged due to too much watering. Aloe vera or money tree is sold as a separate plant in a plastic pot with holes. Before putting them on the windowsill, put a unique stand (without holes) or saucer under the pot.

Caring  Tips

  • Light

Succulents stretch out if they don’t have enough sunlight. If it is not enough, they also grow faster. At first, you will notice how the succulent begins to turn and reach for the light source. As it grows, it will grow taller, and the space between the leaves will increase. Most often, the leaves are reduced, and the color loses intensity.

Therefore, it is better to provide succulents with diffused sunlight in spring and early summer. In dark winter conditions, it is almost impossible to grow them without pulling them out. The more sunlight it gets, the brighter the succulent’s color (purple, pink, red). In high summer, the plant needs bright but not direct light to prevent sunburn. Try to shade your succulents during the midday hours. Succulents tolerate dry air well. Keep them at 10-13 °C for several weeks in winter (early spring) to stimulate flowering.

  • Watering

It is better to water insufficiently than excessively. Furthermore, you must use well-draining soil. The best option is a unique composition for cacti and succulents. If regular soil is used, mix in something light and porous to increase drainage. Moisten the soil only after it is scorched. Never water the outlet. Cacti and succulents should be watered in a tray. This will protect them from rotting legs and many other problems. Succulents do not need fertilizers. However, during the growth period, you can fertilize every two weeks.

Use In Design

Probably the main advantage of these plants is the extensive color scheme of their leaves. They can be monophonic, combine several shades, or even colors. They have different body shapes, leaf textures, and endless size variations. These features make them indispensable for creating colorful compositions that adorn the interior.

Thanks to its variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, this plant species is an ideal field for creative ideas. Their originality and individuality distinguish flower arrangements. By selecting imported succulents online that are similar in nature and preference, you can create a unique, miniature garden. In single plantings, succulents also look great. Their exotic appearance becomes a decoration of any interior.