Truffles are a rich culinary ingredient. Not many are aware of their history or the cultivation process. Due to globalization, it is easy to buy truffles from all over the world, such as Italy, France and Australia. Truffles that are purchased from there are of the finest quality in flavour and scent.

They are often confused with mushrooms as either of them are rare, exotic and a delicacy. You can consume them as preserved or fresh in olive oil, pasta and meats. White and black truffles are the most common varieties of truffles that are found.

The origin of most truffles is from North Italy. You can identify them through their deep and earthy aroma. Truffles and related products can be found everywhere, but these two kinds are most popular due to their taste.

Amongst them, white truffles are more delicious and aromatic compared to black truffles. However, they are more expensive, and chefs don’t use them in all dishes. Read on to find out more about truffles.       

The ideal time to Buy Truffles

The year is divided according to the cultivation time of each variety of truffle. White truffles are available from October till mid-February. After that, the season from black truffle begins from March to the start of December. Australian black truffles are available throughout the year.

Availability factors determine pricing. If you are a perfectionist, you should focus on your satisfaction with taste and scent when buying truffles.  

Difference between White, Black and Truffle Oil

Some high-end Italian restaurants use black truffle shavings on pasta. Purchasing black truffles in summer is comparatively cheaper because they are in season then. Aside from that, black truffles are costly. They have a subtle taste that is enhanced by cooking.

White truffles are unique because of their health benefits. Black truffles are more commonly found as they are cultivated in winter, usually when the demand is high.

Truffle oil is a different truffle product that has been recently invented. It is highly fragrant and popular. Experts recommend trying fresh truffles before going for truffle oil since it is mainly made through artificial means. The product was created by mixing truffle fungi with oil. Some of them have authentic truffle pieces in them. This makes them more expensive.

Cost and Buying Options

One of the most important things to consider when buying truffles is the price. It is a well-known fact that truffles are not cheap. You can purchase black truffles for thirty dollars per ounce which is enough for an individual.

There are various reasons for truffles being expensive. In the case of imported truffles, transportation and import costs are added. They need to be carefully carried since it is a sensitive product that can easily be damaged. White truffles are sold at hundred dollars per ounce.  

It is one of the main reasons restaurants charging a high price for it. The next step that needs to be considered is the grocery store option. A few years ago, you could have a personal truffle supplier. Nonetheless, individuals have the option of buying truffles online if they don’t have a store nearby. We have listed some choices to make the process easier.  

  1. Tartu flange

They are located in Vancouver and are considered one of the pioneers in the sale of truffle products. The store has everything from truffle oil, juice and ketchup. Locals and online customers vouch for their credibility and consistency.

  • Earthly Delights

It is similar to Tartu flange, but their main focus is their online customers. Nonetheless, you can find a wide variety of truffle products at a low price.

  • Gourmet Attitude

The store’s specialty is Australian truffles. You can purchase truffles and shaver at a low cost of one hundred dollars. Hence to conclude, these were some points to be considered when buying truffles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Is there a season for truffles?

Ans 1: Most truffles are available throughout the year, it is because of globalization. Realistically, white truffles are open from mid-march to the start of December. The season peaks in November, which is perfect considering significant events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are nearby.

Q2: What’s the difference between summer and winter truffles?

Ans 2: For individuals who do not know truffle terminology. The primary difference is the season in which they are harvested. White truffles are cultivated in summer, while black truffles are harvested in winter. Either of them has an intense flavour profile.

Q3: What does a truffle smell like?

Ans 3: Many individuals do not like the scent of truffles as for them, it’s garlicky. But the common perception and words used to describe it are earthy, flavorful and bitter.    

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