Here’s What You Need to Know About Automatic Gates

Automatic Gate

An automatic gate is undoubtedly a great addition to your property. Whether you use a swing gate or a slide gate, this addition will dramatically transform the value and security of your property. Automatic gates are available with various materials and designs to add a classic or contemporary look to your home. With the help of a professional wrought iron repair service or gate installation service in Fulshear, TX, you can combine gate operators with the wrought iron gates and make your home more appealing and protected.

Some Important Automatic Gates Accessories You May Consider

Several types of accessories can be used with automatic gates to ensure the top-notch security level. Some of these include:

Access Control Systems: Automatic gates can be combined with a wide range of access control devices, such as card readers, vehicle tag readers, digital keypads, and portable wireless transmitters. In most commercial buildings, automatic gates are equipped with access control systems that provide controlled access to the building. Thus, it helps prevent unwanted guests from entering the buildings.

Intercom Systems: The homeowners often use intercom systems at automatic gates to allow visitors to contact the homeowners inside the home when the gate is closed. Once the visitor has been verified, homeowners provide access to the visitors by remotely opening the gates.

Video Surveillance Systems: Video cameras are used to monitor the activities at the gate. Video surveillance systems are often used with the intercom system to identify the visitors before opening the door.

Free Exit Devices: It is usually convenient and relaxing to have your gate open automatically when you enter or leave your property. This is where free-exit devices come in. Free exit devices consist of loop detectors, photoelectric beams, and pressure switches.

Emergency access: Fire agencies and law enforcement agencies often require a mechanism to access your property. Devices that provide emergency access often include:

  • Key boxes (Knox Boxes).
  • Strobe or siren-activated sensors.
  • Radio receivers are usually activated by the emergency vehicle’s two-way radio.

Important Things to Consider While Choosing an Automatic Gates

Here are some basic things that should be considered when choosing an automatic gate:

​Opening size: The overall size of the opening plays a crucial role in determining which automatic gate will be the best fit for your property. The wider the gate opening, the more expensive it will be to install. However, choosing the professional and licensed electric gate opener installation company in Friendswood, TX,will help you discover some fantastic deals in the industry.

Availability of Space: The amount of space available in the property also determines the type of gate you can choose for your property. For example, if the property is located in a rural area, any automatic gate can be used. However, if the property is located in urban areas where space is usually limited, it may offer you some specific options for automatic gates.

Weather Conditions: Environmental factors play a crucial role Special during the installation of automatic gates. That’s why professional automatic gate repair and installation companies in Houston and surrounding areas take precautions in regions with extreme hot or cold temperatures, high winds, or heavy snow or ice.

Electrical Power: Light-duty gate operators work with standard 110/120 VAC electrical power, whereas most medium and heavy-duty gate operators require 220/240 VAC or three-phase electrical power.

Gate Construction: Adding a gate operator to a gate designed for manual operation can be problematic. It’s always recommended to choose gates that are specifically designed for automatic operation. Automatic gate operators require specific types of rollers, bearings, and other hardware to work effortlessly. Adding these components makes the gate performance more robust and convenient.

Weight of Gate :The overall weight of the automatic gate helps decide the type and grade of gate operator needed. Generally, the more comprehensive and taller the gate, the more it will weigh. Automatic gates of the equivalent size will weigh differently depending on whether they are steel, aluminum, or wood.

Wrapping Up

With the growing popularity of automatic gates, it’s obvious to believe that having an automatic gate is unquestionably beneficial. It might require a bit of investment. However, with endless benefits, it’s undoubtedly an investment worth looking into!