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Commercial Cleaning Services in Colorado Spring

Clean air in the house is one of the conditions for a favorable microclimate in your home. It will also reduce the risk of getting sick, especially during the period of a declared pandemic.

Routine cleaning of air ducts is a necessary procedure, on the quality and regularity of which residents’ health and even safety depend. And in crowded places, industrial premises, medical institutions, or catering establishments, professional air duct cleaning services should be carried out even more often and thoroughly.

Today, modern technologies allow us to extend the service life of air ducts and ventilation equipment due to regular cleaning and disinfection. Disinfection of air ducts in offices, centers, industrial and public buildings is a necessary measure to avoid many problems:

  • Human health-accumulations of dust, grease, dirt, and soot is an ideal environment for the development and reproduction of harmful microorganisms, which can lead to the development of migraines, mucosal inflammation, bronchitis, depression; regular cleaning of ventilation ducts of premises kills harmful bacteria, tuberculosis spores, staphylococcus, food fungi, which, therefore, reduces the risk of contracting these diseases;
  • Protection against allergic reactions – the accumulation of a large amount of dust, grease, dirt, and bacteria can cause allergies and health problems in workers of public and industrial buildings;
  • Unpleasant smell – the accumulation of harmful substances and dirt in the ventilation is a source of unpleasant odor, which creates a favorable atmosphere for the development of mold and rot;
  • Risk of ignition – untimely cleaning of air ducts violates fire safety standards; fats and dirt accumulated inside the ventilation are very easily ignited, increasing the risk of fire;
  • Violation of the norms of sanitary legislation – there are approved norms and standards for cleaning and disinfecting air ducts in working and public places.

Regular cleaning of the walls of the air channel will prevent dangerous situations for human health and the enterprise.

Causes of air duct blockages

Identifying and eliminating the causes of the blockage allows you to avoid their occurrence in the future. The likelihood of education is associated with several reasons. Consider the ones that happen most often.

Dust, dirt, grease

The simplest and most common cause of ventilation clogging is the high concentration of these components. Dirt accumulates on the ventilation grill, both from the inside and from the outside.

This happens due to the narrow ventilation ducts and a decorative mesh grille on their opening. The smallest particles gradually settle on their surface, forming a single mud layer.

Kitchen hood connection

Often, cleaning indoor ventilation ducts is associated with an incorrect connection of the kitchen hood to it. The power of the electric exhaust devices is ten times higher than the declared one. As a result of the excess pressure created in the ducts, the airflow can be pushed into the adjacent apartment.

Seasonal reasons

This factor is due to the difference in temperatures inside and outside. We know from school that warm air tends upward. Accordingly, ventilation ducts work better in winter, as warm room air rushes into them. In the summer, the effectiveness of the channels is reduced. Therefore, the deficiency has to be compensated for by regular ventilation or the installation of forced ventilation.

Professional air duct cleaning services play a critical role in ensuring safe living. Carelessness and disregard for several rules lead to a deterioration in the microclimate of housing, which negatively affects the health of residents. It is not tricky to periodically check the operation, and if necessary, clean the channels. Don’t forget about these rules, because they make your life better.

Professional commercial cleaning in Colorado Springs is the key to your health and well-being. Just choose the most convenient air duct cleaning services for you, use them, and breathe fresh air.