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Kitchen with adjoining snack counter set for four people and living area with a wall hanging T.V.

Home renovation is necessary after some time as you may get bored by the same settings of the house. This can be done with the help of a professional or by yourself. It is better to go for a professional as he knows everything about decoration and renovation, so can do all with less budget and time.
Whether you are wanting to make small changes to your living room or kitchen or any other area in your house these companies will help you in remodeling your home.

1) Smart Renovation

This is among the best home renovation companies in Dubai that is doing this job for the past 50 years. Villa renovation is its specialty by giving it a diversified look according to the requirements of the client. It can also renovate offices; all the dealing are within said budget of the client. All the projects are delivered timely, this includes managing contractors, project management, designing, delivering and wall coverings etc.

2) New style interiors:

This is another top interior design company; it can revamp both commercial and residential places including villas and apartments. In addition, they can also refurbish the kitchen and

washrooms also. It is serving across Dubai at various places. It is better to search out before what they are charging for like kitchen renovation to get a better idea before contracting.

3) AAAshi Services

It specialises in both home and office renovations, it also covers villas, apartments and townhouses with various services like carpentry, flooring, wall painting etc. All of its services are made in easy way for clients and on some of its services clients get warranty also. It has expanded its services by working with branded and non-branded suppliers.

4) Spazio:

Spazio is another renovation company that offers renovation for all types of houses like villas, apartments etc and for interior decoration of modern times. The team of professionals includes project managers, designers and engineers. It has been working for 12 years and has completed 112 projects, had won various awards. In order to keep it less costly all the requirements are discussed with clients. They use 3D technology to give clients with better results.

5) Repair plus:

Repair plus gives eco-friendly solutions for renovation. Their services include the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing requirements of the clients. But their services are environmentally friendly which may include carpentry, air conditioning, painting, etc.

6) Multi Build

The multi-build is a residential plus commercial renovation company operating in Dubai. All of the projects are managed by professionals. Their services include floor plan, project management, layout, installation of foundation and much more. But they need approval from Dubai Development Authority before implementing their plans.

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Alice Brianna is a full-time freelance writer who frequently writes about science, travel, outdoor adventure, Interior if you are looking for a vendor for Home renovation for your product do not worry, as Exotic Interior Studio will provide you with the best Interior services at extremely affordable rates.

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