Hot Beauty Trends to Follow and What Implications They Have For the Future


Beauty trends come and go. But some seem to impact us in unimaginable ways. Here are the top 10 beauty trends we have right now, and that also shows promise for the future—

  1. Masks and peels to try at home—

It’s not surprising that at-home treatments have exploded in the past year, despite having very limited access to dermatologists or beauticians. And this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. These are products that can create a spa-like environment at home, with the same professional-level results.

And the best thing is that they can be used without any hassle. Beauty and face care products online are available in so many varieties that skincare with them is always fun. While peels can offer your face that much-needed glow, sheet masks have a soothing effect on the skin. Both help your skin relax and repair.

Yes, smart beauty care products are going to continue revolutionizing beauty routines. They produce results faster, with fewer side effects than ever before. 

  1. Scalp care has become more important than ever—

People have started treating their scalps with the same care they give their skin. The idea of skincare for the scalp is being embraced by more people now with the introduction of specialized hair masks, scalp-specific products, and other advances in scalp care. Scalp care should indeed be in your beauty regime if holistic hair care matters to you.

In fact, it’s not just your hair quality and type that you should consider while selecting a shampoo or a conditioner; you should also take into account the condition of your scalp. It’s only a healthy scalp that can give you healthy hair.

Remember, the scalp is a great place to target wellness, especially in aromatherapy. And thankfully, people have started understanding its importance in health and well-being. 

  1. People have begun to pay a lot of attention to the bath products they use—

Although self-care has always been important, there have been people for whom it never mattered. However, the majority of people consider investing their time and efforts in a beauty routine worthwhile. For many, it is a way of relaxing and boosting health and well-being. As a response to the difficult times, we all are enduring; people are turning to skincare as a form of therapy. This focus on beauty for benefits such as mood improvement and stress relief are here to stay.

  1. Certain ingredients are gaining more focus than others—

Although there are many such ingredients, Polyglutamic acid has become increasingly popular for its immense benefits and will soon be the new hyaluronic acid. This powerful humectant can hold and trap in four times the amount of moisture as hyaluronic acids.

The likelihood of having dry, sagging skin due to prolonged indoor and outdoor use of screens and masks has considerably increased. Consumers are looking for science-backed solutions for deep hydration. Polyglutamic acid (PGA) ticks all the boxes. Its use prevents water loss, plumps fine lines, and brightens dull complexions.

  1. Skincare that is microbiome-friendly is everything you need—

Although microbiome health is a popular term in the beauty industry, not many understand its true meaning. However, after years of using a growing number of harsh exfoliants and ingredients in products, experts believe that a more minimalist approach to skincare will be common in the near future. Microbiome-specific body care products are mindful and hence, have gained a lot of popularity. 

  1. Celebrity skincare lines are fast gaining prominence—

Whatever your opinion on celebrity-driven and influencer-driven beauty brands is, there is no doubt that they have a stronghold in the beauty industry. 

Celebrity brands have products that radiate a ‘cult personality,’ and they are expected to flourish in the times to come. The best thing is that these brands and their products don’t get sold because of the personalities behind them; most of them are actually good. And that is probably why celebrity skin and hair care products are such a rage among young and old alike.

  1. It’s time for biotech beauty—

It refers to lab-made ingredients that combine natural ingredients with synthetic chemicals or create synthetic alternatives to naturally occurring ingredients. Many beauty brands are turning to the biotech sector to innovate, improve sustainability, and create safer, more sustainable ingredients on a large scale.

Biotech ingredients such as squalane and hyaluronic acids are thought to have great potency and efficacy, which is a huge benefit for beauty lovers. 

  1. People have started taking eye makeup more seriously—

Women are emphasizing the eyes more than ever with regards to makeup, with most people wearing masks out and about. This has enabled brands to innovate, creating new shades and formulas for eye makeup products. Starting from eyeshadows that can shift between multiple colours to creamy formulas that produce unique results, you have it all. 

  1. Custom beauty products—

One of the most difficult challenges in coping with the global pandemic has been its impact on the supply chain and manufacturing. Although the concept of custom beauty products is pretty new now, many brands will seek to reduce supply chain and overstock problems by switching to more on-demand and made-to-order practices.

There are several ways to do this: digitization, shorter supply chains, pre-orders, and 3D design. Grown-to-order beauty products will continue to gain popularity by combining sustainability and personalization. This evolution of slow beauty will see consumers move away from instant gratification to be involved in the product’s creation and help brands avoid waste through small-batch productions.

  1. Inclusivity—

Beauty inclusivity is not a new trend. However, many experts are of the opinion that it is becoming increasingly important in every sector of the industry going forward. 

Every woman should have the ability to find suitable beauty products, regardless of her skin tone. And that is why we have more inclusive products these days, starting from complexion products and lipsticks. And you don’t need to hunt from one store to another, you can buy face care products online from the convenience of your home. 

Although this is only a fraction of what needs to be done in order to make the beauty industry more attractive for all, it’s a good sign that things are moving forward, even though slowly. 

So, aren’t the listed skincare trends 2021 really amazing? Well, yes, why not! Now that you know what’s in and what’s trending, you won’t feel like a laggard in the fast-paced world of beauty.

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