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Hot Water System Leaking? Here Are Top Tips To Fix The Problem

hot water system leaking

Nothing feels calm and delightful than a hot shower on a chilly day! But with excessive use of hot water systems in the winter season, the problem of water leaks gets bigger over time. In fact, most of the time, it goes unnoticed for days, leading to system damage. If not fixed on time, it may also ruin the furniture, walls, and floors of the living space. 

However, the extended destruction as a result of water leaks can be complex to repair. Most specifically, it can cost you big bucks. That being said, it is quite essential to discover the cause of a hot water system leaking, be it loose pipe fittings, damaged tank, high water pressure, or others, and put an instant stop to the problem. Not sure how to fix it? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Read out the top ways to fix the hot water system leaking easily in a few minutes!

Confirm If The Hot Water System Is Leaking

When you sense the water leaks from the hot water system, the first and foremost step to take is to inspect the system thoroughly. Make sure to check all the appliance parts, especially the tank, pipes, and valves.

To confirm if the system is leaking or not, dry any of the wet parts and check it after a few hours. If it does not turn wet again, there may not be an issue of water leaks. 

Note: Don’t forget to switch off the electric source while discovering the water leaks in the system. 

Inspect The Valves

One of the most common reasons for water leaks could be debris caught in the tap spindle or valve. To validate if this is the key cause, gently lift the lever on the valve and then put it back. If you see any debris or contaminants in the valve, clean it immediately to eliminate the blockage. 

Call The Plumber

Water leaking from the hot water system isn’t a minor issue! Therefore, if you are not a whizz with a plunger and wrench and don’t know how to fix a leaking tap or system, you ought to call a professional. An experienced plumber helps you address the problem within a few minutes and give a quick fix to the leaks. 

Even if you have already determined the water leak and have tried your best to fix it, there is still no harm in giving a call to a plumber. This way, you can troubleshoot the system well and prevent it from getting seriously damaged.

Meanwhile, Turn Off The Power/Gas

While waiting for the plumber to reach your home, make sure to cut the water supply. If your hot water system is electric, turn off the respective switch in your power box. On the other hand, if your system operates on gas, shut off the yellow valve near the gas booster or gas storage tank. 

Invest In Regular Maintenance

No doubt, the hot water system is usually low-maintenance and often comes with a warranty, but you should still not ignore its service and maintenance. Keep a regular check on the appliance and give a hand with maintenance every now and then. Otherwise, it may lead to bigger damage in the future and fetch you an expensive amount on fixing leaking taps or pipes. 

Final Words

It isn’t really good news when you notice your hot water system leaking in your home. But why worry when you have the solution? Consider all the above-said ways to discover the reason behind the water leaks and give it the right fix without wasting time. In case of doubt or a major problem, drop a call to the professional and let him handle the situation with expertise. 

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