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We believe in the power of brands.
If branding is the most valuable asset of a company, then Business Branding Consulting should be one of the most important services for any company. Do you agree?

Using, experts in creating and managing attractive, emotional, and competitive brands

More and more companies are betting on Business branding consulting because it improves their image, makes it more coherent, and, above all, more profitable. However, many still confuse the true meaning of branding thinking that a brand is reduced only to a logo or a name. A brand is much more. In reality, branding is everything.

The most important moments for a brand

To explain our Business branding consulting service, at Using we usually compare the life of a brand with the life of a person. A brand is born, grows, reproduces, merges, reinvents itself several times and if we do nothing to prevent it, in the end, it dies. How does this translate?

. Born. Creation of Brands. This is probably the most important moment. In the creation of a new brand, the fundamental foundations are laid at the strategic, design, and communication levels that will guide its future.
. It grows. Brand Management. Your brand is alive. And, therefore, guaranteeing comprehensive management during its growth is essential for good development.

. It reproduces. Brand Architecture. Companies tend to diversify their activity and products. Here, Business branding consulting becomes an essential tool to properly plan the relationship between the main brand and its products.
. It merges. Fusion Branding. Mergers and acquisitions of other companies result in a new business scenario. The Business branding consulting service must analyze new opportunities and define the future of the newly created brand.

. It reinvents itself several times. Brand repositioning. Because the company has evolved because its audience has changed because it no longer connects with the market … Every brand, throughout its life, has to reinvent its brand to adapt to the new reality.

Business Branding Consulting

Business Branding consultancy, creates, develops, relaunches, and manages commercial brands of products and services.

The trademark is one of the main assets of a company. Offering a professional image, consistent and consistent with the promises of our value propositions is a fundamental part of a successful business strategy.

Using, a Business branding consultancy. how can we help you?
One of our favorite tasks in our Business branding consulting area is to improve the image that our clients offer to the market, and that has an impact on the following:

. Better perception of the brand and the business, by the market: After the work of our Business branding consulting area, customer satisfaction with the brand increases considerably.

. We give coherence to your business: We make your brand tell a story so that people fall in love with it. A brand that people are passionate about is not just an image. It is passion, feeling, and emotion. It is not something that every Business branding consulting company knows how to do.

. Transmission of strategic brand values: There are customers who use pages and pages of text to let their customers know that they are better than their competitors in some particular aspect. Experience tells us that those pages and pages can be summarized in a single brand image. As always, a picture is worth a thousand words.

. Increase in loyalty: Our goal when we tackle this type of project is that your clients adore your brand. We don’t just want them to stay. We want you to love it and recommend it. We seek to optimize the ratio of people who recommend our business through the improvement of the brand and procedures.


. Increased efficiency in commercial operations: When there is an improvement in the perception of your brand and product by the market and your customers, there is an increase in the conversion of commercial operations. Selling the product is easier because the market perceives more value and more differentiation from the competition.

. Creation of corporate culture: With the improvement of the brand, we also seek a better internal perception of your brand. We want your employees to feel proud of the company where they work. For this reason, we like to involve staff and take their opinion into account when making decisions. It is easier to create a corporate culture of a brand that is built between everyone.

Business Branding Consulting

The Using method, Business branding consulting:

At Using we have created our own methodology based on our experience in Business branding consulting. A series of steps that work as our roadmap when creating or repositioning a brand.

. Briefing and counter briefings with the client. Definition of aspects, brand positioning, differential values ​​, and strategic objectives. Through several meetings with the management of the company, we define in a concrete way what the brand will be like, what it will have to convey and what will differentiate us.

. Benchmarking study and positioning of brands and competition. Based on what was defined in the previous point, we identify the market and our competitors, seeking a differential positioning.

. SWOT analysis of our own and of the competition. We develop our SWOT and that we perceive from our competitors to detect opportunities that provide us with additional differentiation.

. Definition of differential values ​​to be transmitted. When we are clear about the value propositions and competitive advantages, we select those that will help build the new brand.

. Development of mood boards. We develop presentations with photographs and graphic environments that provide us with a vision of what the brand will be in the future.

. Brand conceptualization. The creative team conceptualizes the new brand based on the information obtained in previous points.

. Development of Visual and Verbal Identity. Logo design and selection of visual corporate elements (colors, fonts, photographs …) and verbal (main messages, tone, style …)

. Development of a manual for the use of the brand. A brand dossier is defined that establishes the procedures that guarantee its homogeneity and correct use.

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