How Do Well Casing And Drop Pipe Elevators Work?

Drop Pipe Elevators USA

When you think of well drilling, it’s easy to assume that the entire process begins and ends with the actual drilling part, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The other parts of the well are just as important. But far less attractive to talk about, especially if you aren’t involved in construction or engineering work on a day-to-day basis.

Understanding the main components of the well casing and drop pipe elevator system will help you figure out how it works, why it works, and how to make the most out of it. This article will give you all the information you need about well casing and drop pipe elevators in the USA.

What Is A Well Casing Elevator?

Before you plan to scour the web for the best deal on well-casing elevators for sale in the USA, it’s wise to get familiar with them. A well-casing elevator is a mechanical device that allows you to raise and lower submersible equipment down your well.

Like an A-frame or crane, it consists of three major components:

  • Motor
  • Cables
  • Upper pulley

The pulley rotates on top of your rig. It has two cradles on its outside edge to hold up one end of your pipe string. In other words, one cradle supports each section of pipe attached to your submersible pump.

How Does It Work?

Well casing elevators work by pulling a well casing out of a borehole or wellbore. A drop pipe, a slightly narrower pipe that fits inside production tubing, is then pulled down inside of it to form an elevator.

This type of elevator is typically used when drilling with lightweight materials such as steel casing and TPEs or thermoplastic elastomers. In these instances, fluid builds up between production casings and must be evacuated through heavier casings attached at each end of the drop pipe.

How To Get The Best Well Casing Elevator Deal?

Buying your well-casing elevator is not as easy as it seems. There are many things to consider like:

  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Durability

You need to also look at different factors like what brand and type you want and how much you’re willing to spend. Fortunately, many dealers offer genuine well-casing elevators for sale in the USA.  


Make sure that whatever dealer you end up going with has a good reputation and guarantees their products for a minimum amount of time.  

What Is A Drop Pipe Elevator?

Drop pipe elevators in the USA are commonly used to transport drilling fluid or other materials from a platform to underground well sites. Like other hydraulic elevators, drop pipe elevators work employing hydraulic pressure and water head.

To learn more about how they work, let’s first review some basic concepts regarding hydraulics. You can use this elevator in;

  • Hard rock drilling
  • Earth formation drilling
  • Geo-exploration drilling

How Does It Work?

 The drop pipe elevator is a large diameter pipe placed in the well to guide drilled material from the borehole up to the ground surface in a well drilling system. In addition to functioning as a chute for materials, it also prevents over-pressurization of drill cuttings in the borehole.

For example, water levels are relatively shallow in some areas, especially when drilling a well into a river bed. In these cases, the drop pipe elevator can bring the drill pipe back up from the hole, while some other method is used to lift the drill string out of the well.

What is PVC Pipe Elevator?

A PVC pipe elevator is a complete well drilling rig, which you can use for hauling up the drill pipe and other tools. It is easy to repair or move.

The PVC pipe elevators in the USA have a few specifics that set them apart from other types of elevators, such as their smooth ride and automatic vertical movement. The elevator is generally used for areas where groundwater is present.

It can form a sliding, rotating equipotential surface on the wellbore wall to avoid the pipe stuck into the hole.

Final Lines

A well-casing elevator works like an elevator does for a building. It lifts (lowers) equipment up (down) to your rig or platform.

A drop pipe elevator works similarly, but its primary function is to bring drilling fluids back to the surface using gravity rather than hydraulics like an air or mud pump. Both types of elevators are often used at once on drilling rigs.

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