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Sending your child away is never an easy decision. This becomes more difficult when you have to decide which is the best boarding school that will be good enough to take care of your child. Gurgaon in recent times has witnessed an increase in people looking for boarding schools for their kids. Well known for their discipline and bringing an overall development to a child’s personality, boarding schools are considered one of the safest bets when it comes to education.

Gurgaon offers plenty of options for parents looking to admit their kids into a boarding school. available there might be some points that they must remember before committing to anyone. Here is a list of essential steps that you must take in order to find a good boarding school in Gurgaon.

Do your research

The first step to finding a good boarding school starts with researching the options available in your area. make a list of all the boarding schools that are near you think should be considered. The research can be broadly divided into various factors that you must look for in every boarding school. These factors can range from reputation, academic record, extracurricular activities, school ranking, specialty features, etc.

Narrow down your list

After having done research about the schools that you would want your child to study, the next step involves you narrowing down your list. In this step, you must reason with yourself why a particular school is good for your child and the other is not. Do not go hearsay, make your own wishlist of different factors. Just because a school is academically brilliant does not mean it will best suit your interest. you must also ensure that the school is able to provide more than just academics.

This is where you also check the academic cost that will come along with it. it is not just about admitting your child to the school but also ensuring that you can manage the financial requirements of the boarding school.

Start calling b schools

After having narrowed down the list of schools in Gurgaon, now is the time to reach out to them. Start by calling the school administration and clear all your queries regarding the admission process.

Remember to ask about the hostel facilities, tuition fees, boarding charges, or any miscellaneous charges involved. It is also wise to ask if the school provides any scholarship program.

By the end of the stage, you should have a clear picture of what schools best fit your child.

Prepare your visit

Once you have narrowed down your search to the last couple of schools, now is the time to physically visit them. Arrange for a meeting with the school administration and seek their permission to make an inspection. If possible try to interact with the students already studying in the school. This will give you a better picture of the place.

Speak to the school authorities and ask questions to clear all your doubts. Look at the infrastructure of the school and the cultural diversity it offers to its students. Topics like bullying, discipline rules, parents-teacher interaction, extracurricular activities, academic policy, should be covered during this visit.

Revisit your shortlist

Once you have physically inspected all the boarding schools now is the time to decide the winner. Taking into consideration, from infrastructure to financial viability, choose the school that checks positive on most of your concerns.

At this point in time, it is also very essential to engage your child in your decision. Listen to the feedback that your child has to give about the boarding school. Make the child understand why the decision is good for the family.

Once done it is time to fill the application form and apply for the child’s admission to the school.

Gurgaon has many good options for parents looking for a boarding school. Using the tips given above you can now choose the best boarding school for your child.

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