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How Is Trekking Good For Health


Trekking is a very amazing and marvelous activity to be done by everyone. People who want some adventure and thrill in their life can go trekking as no other activity would be more adventurous and thrillful than trekking. Here is the information about how trekking is good for health:-

  1. Helps In Boosting The Mood

In our day-to-day life, the schedules of the people are so busy and hectic and they don’t give time to their health. Doctors advised doing exercise daily such as walking, jogging etc. It has also been experienced that trekking is the best mood booster because it combines physical exercises with mental health. Some studies also say that peoples’ mental wellbeing will be proper and in the state of mind in the natural surroundings.

  1. Helps In Live Longer

In research, it has been proven that just walking 5 miles at a slow pace in a week will help in reducing the chances of heart attacks, heart failures, and strokes by 31.5%. 5 miles means 10000 steps. And if people want to live longer they should walk 5 miles or 10000 steps. And the best way for walking 10000 steps would be trekking. Being active will also reduce the risk of cancer. Exercise will reduce the estrogen in our bloodstream and active women are likely to less develop breast cancer.

  1. Helps In Strengthen Our Heart

Trekking also helps in strengthening our hearts as walking is a cardio workout. Cardio exercise is a must to strengthen our hearts. And trekking is one of the most adventurous and thrilling activities through which people can strengthen their hearts and in the future also there will be fewer chances of heart attacks and heart failures.

  1. Helps In Increasing Metabolism

In research, it has been found out that just standing in one place for 20 minutes will decrease our metabolism. And the 4 hours of inactivity will completely shut down the enzymes which metabolize fats. If people are at work they need to take regular breaks to increase their metabolism. Trekking will help in increasing their metabolism by building the muscle mass in their legs. If people have more muscle mass, there would be a greater resting metabolic rate. For every 4.5 lbs of muscle mass the resting metabolic rate increases by 50 Kcal per day.

  1. Helps In Burning Calories

Burning calories would be the best and most useful benefit of trekking. It’s just for an example that if anyone will take their dog for a half an hour walk then he will burn 100 calories. It is very much easy to see the weight loss potential of trekking. On the Haute route trek and Tour Du Mont Blanc route trek, people have to walk for 6 to 8 hours per day in the hilly terrain. This means that the people have burned their entire day’s calories.

  1. Helps In Healing Chronic Back Pain

It has been said that Americans sit for 13 hours and sleep for 8 hours a day which means that they are active for only 3 hours. This setting is one of the reasons for the back pain as well as the joint pain. There are also many reasons for chronic back in and they are- bad postures and muscle weaknesses. With the help of trekking, the chronic back pain and joint pain will be healed.

  1. Helps In Making New Friends.

Making new friends is also the very best and most useful benefit of trekking. During the trek, people will meet so many interesting people and will learn so many new and unique things from them. Making new friends while trekking is also good for our health. If any person is part of the group with a common purpose to help in increasing the sense of belongingness it will be great for their emotional well-being too. Trekking is a very amazing and fantastic way to meet new people with similar or different interests.

  1. Helps In Strengthening Our Bones

In our body, the bones will require a load to be placed for maintaining strength. Weight lifting would be the best activity for improving bone density. Trekking in the way of exercise will help in bone strengthening and trekking is also beneficial for people who are suffering from joint pain.


So, here is all the information about how trekking is good for health. People should do trekking for their mental and physical well-being.

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