How Massage Can Reduce Stress

Massage Reduce Stress

Stress is a part of our life that we experienced at one point of time. However, if this stress becomes regular and starts affecting our livelihood then it can be the reason for deteriorating health. Here, spa body massage therapy comes to your rescue. It is the best way to control and prevent stress since these activities make us feel more relaxed and present. Being a proven method to combat stress, a few minutes of massage therapy on a regular basis can activate the body’s natural health hormones. Mood-enhancing advantages of massage treatment makes it comfortable to feel more calm and in balance. 

Let’s deep dive into how massage treatment can reduce stress.

Signs of stress

Sometimes, we don’t understand the symptoms of stress and are thought to have some disorder. Therefore, it’s quite helpful to understand the symptoms of stress and get to the treatment and solution. 

Some of the common symptoms of stress that people find includes:

  • Heartbeat rate disbalance
  • More sweating
  • Headaches, irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety, depression
  • Breath issues
  • Tightness in chest

Under stress, your body requires more strength and effort to perform a task. Your body finds difficulty in delivering healthy oxygen and blood supply to the body. You may also experience some disorders in your body such as digestive health issues and diabetes. It also makes your body’s immune system weak and you might fall ill often. 

This is how massage can reduce stress!

The stress and anxiety level can be reduced through diminishing heart rate and calming the central nervous system. Thereby, you will feel more relaxed and focused. So let’s have a look at them.

1. Massage balances muscular tension

When your body is under stress, the body gets tightened up and causes the muscles to become more tense. Massage therapy helps the body muscles to return to the relaxed stress reducing chronic pain. Moreover, tension leads to muscles shortening, restricting movement and developing aches in the body. It also helps to increase tissue elasticity and promotes the nervous system. The therapist uses techniques including trigger point therapy, stretching, rubbing and stroking which makes the muscles more warm and loose. People may need more than one massage to treat muscular tension but also influence considerable results after one session. 

2. Massage provides relaxation

Massage helps to relax your mind and body so that you remain active and strengthful all day long. It helps to bring down the body from heightened anxiety to a more calm and relaxed state. The simplest techniques of touch and stretching help to ease the body’s concerns and deep dive into relaxation. The mental and emotional response develops the body’s natural happiness and relaxation hormones. The serotonin hormone promotes our mood and also aids to basic functions such as digestion, sleeping and having meals. You can perform a hundred tasks to get better over with relaxing massage therapy. The massage treatment can be adapted according to your body concerns. 

3. Massage minimizes blood pressure

Massage is known to lower down the blood pressure and improve blood circulation which helps with this condition. Massage treatment helps to calm down the nervous system which helps to improve blood pressure as a result of stress. Relaxation massage and aromatherapy massage both are purely relaxation focused treatments that help to reduce blood pressure and heart rate much better than sports massage or deep tissue massage. This is found to be a fact that calming and soft touch releases serotonin hormone which causes our body to self promote and come back to the natural and healthy body functions. 

4. Massage improves sleep

Body massage helps to directly influence the production of serotonin. It also helps to release the sleep hormone called melatonin. Gentle pressure and manipulation on back, neck, shoulders and even on the legs stimulates melatonin production. The action of massage treatments helps to reduce cortisol which is a stress hormone affecting sleep patterns. In this matter, the hormone dopamine stabilizes the mood and helps to create a relaxed state of having to fall asleep deeply. The treatment of massage therapy helps with essential oils such as lavender which helps to promote the blissful state of mind. 

5. Massage treats mental health

Massage also helps to promote mental health by developing the receptors, hormones and nerves in the body. In the massage therapy of gentle pressure these receptors get into contact and bring relief to the person, and therapy improves mood and wellbeing. Massage is also known to help with vagal nerve activity which is found to be low in depressed individuals. When these nerves get stimulated, cortisol level also decreases, entering our bodies into a more relaxed and happy mind. Following a right massage therapy also helps to promote brain strength and helps to regulate stress as well as tension. 

Bottom line

Massage therapy is considered as one of the ideal stress busters out there. You can avail of this in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in a spa. The act of massage aids with getting into a relaxed and improved state of wellbeing. Moreover, one time massage treatment can be helpful to burst out the stress but having regular stress-buster treatments make sure that you will not get into the trap of chronic stress.

If you’re looking for a spa body massage therapy in a spa, then consider an online salon booking app. In this, you can book an appointment with a spa near your locality. You can also go for other treatments such as hair spa at home. Simply book the appointment with the desired venue and visit over there at a slot time. You can compare prices and ratings, and also get discounts and offers occasionally. How useful this is! Isn’t it? 

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