If you wish to know about the most complex joint in the human body, the knee is the one part you should study. Not only is it complex but also the most important because it joins the thighs to the calf. Clinics providing physiotherapy in Edmonton inform that pain in the knee will lead to severe issues like immobility.

How to About Knee Pain through Physiotherapy in Edmonton?

Apart from the pain in the back, knee pain is also widespread, and people of all ages can suffer from it. There is often a physical reason for the knee pain, but on other occasions, no apparent reason is behind the cause of this pain.

Intensities of Knee Pain

Knee pain has been categorized into three categories of intensity. Below are the three classifications of knee pain severity.

  1. Acute pain occurs and stays for a week but can be cured with rest and exercise.
  2. After two weeks of an injury, sub-acute pain starts to develop.
  3. Chronic knee pain lasts for more than eight weeks.

When is Visiting Clinic Necessary?

Although visiting a physiotherapy clinic is necessary for any category of intensity, when the pain becomes unbearable, swelling is consistently growing, deformity in the leg is obvious, and you have a fever, this is the time when a visit to the clinic is unavoidable.

What are the Causes of a Knee Pain?

There can be three leading causes of knee pain: injury, mechanical issues with the knee, and different kinds of arthritis. The injuries of injuries including fractures, knee bruises and torn meniscus. The mechanical problems include hip or foot pain, loose body, dislocated kneecap, and Iliotibial band syndrome.

Can Knee Pain Increase in Intensity?

Yes, several factors can make knee pain intense, like all other kinds of pain. The causes of the increase in knee pain that therapists explain at medical facilities like Regenerate Physio are as follows;

  1. An overweight or obese person will be more at risk.
  2. You may follow an inadequate and irregular exercise routine.
  3. Certain sports like Alpine skiing, jumping, jogging, aggressive running, and jobs with repetitive actions cause knee pain.

What Steps Physiotherapists Take to Determine?

You should not be confused about these steps because they are the different ways physiotherapists use to determine the type and intensity of knee pain. As discussed before, it is essential to know everything, so the following three vital steps are taken.

Taking a Full Medical History

There can be different reasons for knee pain that include injury, knee having mechanical issues and arthritis. To know which cause is the right one, the therapist has to take a complete medical history. This info includes age, gender, and any particular disease or illness that might affect the treatment.

Examining the Knee and Surrounding Areas

The best physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton have the equipment and trained staff to determine the area where the pain is most intense. Also, the therapists check the surrounding area to know if another body part is damaged. The experts use their fingers and palms to inspect the affected knee.

Conducting Diagnostics Tests

Some injuries like fractures and other issues, including dislocation of the knee, can be easily detected through X-ray imaging. More severe knee pain problems like tissue and muscle damage are not detected by X-ray, so MRI is a good source of determining the problem.

Treatments Recommended for Knee Pain

The choice of treatment depends on the intensity of the pain. The severity of the pain is divided into three categories, as discussed in one of the points. The treatments that are recommended for knee pain are mentioned below.

Physical Therapies at Physiotherapy Clinics in Edmonton

The best way to relieve acute and sub-acute knee pain is through physical therapies and exercises, and various muscular movements. The duration of the treatment depends on the severity of the knee pain.

Non-Physical Treatments

These treatments include various pain relief medications and different types of physiotherapy in Edmonton like shockwave therapy, Deep Oscillation therapy, and combined physical movement for mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does physio make knee pain worse?

No, it is a misunderstanding that physiotherapy in Edmonton makes the knee pain worse. On the contrary, various kinds of physiotherapy treatments like mentioned in the above points relieve the pain and make mobility easier.

Is walking good for knee pain?

Yes, walking is a type of physical activity that relieves the pressure off the muscles and joints. So, it is recommended that the patient suffers from knee pain alk often to comfort the agony.

What is the fastest way to relieve knee pain?

There are a few ways by which you can relieve knee pain, but one thing you should know is that some pains are recurring. You can use medicines and ice packs for the fastest relief, but physiotherapy treatments can be applied for long-lasting impact.

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